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  1. Only 3 more Chridtmas seasons and the fucking idiot in the Whitehouse will be gone. Just something to look forward to.
  2. But there are no mean tweets... but then, this fucking idiot can't put a whole thought together..hiw the hell could he tweet anything..
  3. I'm done with the Fauch... been done... don't wear a mask... wear a mask. Wear 2 masks.. follow my science... no gain of function in Wuhan... the man is a consummate liar. A career politician.
  4. That was great news. They were definitely going to do harm to Kyle Rittenhouse. He had to defend himself
  5. So we do t want to drill oil in the US because oil is bad and contributes to global warming. OPEC oil must not cuz the idiot wants to spend more to use theirs.
  6. https://www.notonthebeeb.co.uk/post/surge-of-sports-people-worldwide-suffering-unexpected-ill-health Get the jab they said, it's safe they said, let's give it to kids they said, ignore the scientists and experts that disagree they said, they're conspiracy theorists they said, fuck you I said.
  7. So whoever is really in charge isn't telling the idiot in charge what he should say.... $450,000 to illegal immigrants... Joe says it's garbage, no way, it ain't happening. Oh wait. Joe missed the memo... break the lae... get a big check.
  8. I have never heard such racist vitriol as spewed by the kinder gentler democratic party. Thet say our newly elected black female lieutenant governor won because of white supremacy. They say the concern over our public school curriculum is a racist dog whistle. They rely on lies, misdirection and a stupid democrat population. Thankfully many of the dems in Virginia have opened their eyes, seen through the lies, tired of everything that doesn't go their way being called racist. Others are still too stupid.
  9. The lip service they provide sounds good, right. Build longer tables not fences... but how many underprivileged Americans have they taken in. Why aren't the homeless living with them. Wipe out poverty here before you open borders. Tax the rich and corporations to feed the children. But, everyone knows the corporations will either pass the costs on to you, leave or shutdown. Taxation is not the solution. Replace the police with a kinder gentler social program. Yeah, right, while folks are walking out of stores with whatever they want, violent crime is increasing dramatically.
  10. Americans have spoken in Virginia. The liberal woke left has been shot down in a big way. The idiot in chief and his agenda drove this victory. People are coming to their senses. Dems had better think long and hard about supporting the woke agenda. It could be the difference between re-election or going home. We are a country of laws and borders. Our return to respecting them has started.
  11. Hey all you longer table advocates.. you can probably stop building your longer tables.. your buddy Joe wants to give the illegals $450K... maybe they'll invite you over now...
  12. He's doing better than expected... I think the solution is we Americans just need to set our expectations much lower to meet the Democrat party new normal.
  13. Two things about power that relate very well to the Bidens. all power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. and this... It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.
  14. Apparently the Biden's don't need to wear masks, even where mandated. Hypocrisy at the highest level. I am losing my patience.
  15. Almost like someone had a plan to steal an election. And this idiot was the best they had.
  16. I have to rethink my life and if what I have done is wrong. 1) well, I'm white. The whole damn family is white 2) my wife and I have stayed married for 47 years. 3) we raised 5 kids in a nuclear family environment 4) we taught our kids they had to work to succeed, and they are all successful. Not rich, but a success in our eyes 5) our family loves and respects the USA. 6) we stand for our national anthem 7) we own guns 😎 we pay our bills I can only imagine how bad I fucked up according to the liberals fucks that think longer tables, inf
  17. So all you liberal fucks that think there are an infinite number of genders, that you can identify as whatever the fuck you want and then use whatever bathroom you feel fits your identity. The little gender fluid fuck in Loudoun County Virginia is of your making. You are fucking guilty of being an accomplice to the rape of two young girls. If you show up in a fucking girl's bathroom with a dick it should be cut off immediately. Then you can identify all the fuck you want.
  18. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/10/09/report-100-to-200-congressional-reps-and-staff-were-treated-with-ivermectin-protocol-from-front-line-covid-critical-care-doctors/ So Congressional members and staff are ok with Ivermectin for them and theirs. But, damn you if you think the horse wormer is OK for you. You need the jab. Fuck everyone of you liberal fucks that think I should be mandated to take a vaccine when legitimate therapeutic treatments are available.
  19. https://www.visiontimes.com/2021/10/06/pfizer-executive-emails-aborted-fetal-tissue-covid-vaccine-testing.html It's people... it's people..
  20. Biden's approval rating sucks. Even with a liberal media that cares more about his favorite flavor of ice cream than what he is doing to America and Americans.
  21. I heard if you say USA 3 times in a row it will trigger a whiny liberal. We can't be triggering these dipshits. They need to be busy building longer tables.
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