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  1. And just to add to this a little... I also think e play is to see how easily and much freedom we are willing to give up... this may be the biggest play of all.
  2. Here is my take, in addition to those things listed here, on how we are being played. The ruling elite does not like how things are going. They have tried the following; let’s create a Russian collusion narrative to get a non member of this elite group removed. It failed. lets impeach the non member of this elite group for suggesting an investigation into corruption in a foreign country should be done. Whoops this corruption involved a member of this elite group and his son. This member bragged about an incident of a quid pro quo to remove someone already investigating this. That can’t be ... let’s impeach... again it Failed. So, let’s utilize an infectious disease with a 99% or better survival rate to shut down our economy. The outcome is yet to be determined... This assumption of mine is based on my belief that there is a ruling elite. The belief that this ruling elite is getting richer and more powerful everyday. And, they fear this could change unless they can remove the non member.
  3. By the way. We are now allowed to play singles racquetball, but not doubles. How stupid is that. We rotate who we play so everyone is on the court at sometime with everyone else... just not at the same time... again, we are being played.
  4. C’mon Robin... The loss of life is growing exponentially... if you start with a falsehood the rest of what you say is meaningless... The death rate has been declining since early June even though the number of cases has risen considerably with the considerable increase in testing. We are in mid July so the lag from infection to death has passed... and deaths are still declining... we are being played... Some fall for it, when convenient... the espouse wearing a mask, unless they want to go to dinner or out for drinks. Then it’s ok to not wear a mask. Either it is or isn’t a must to wear one... I choose isn’t.
  5. So who’s the little boy you’re playing with? 😁
  6. Pete... I'm stealing this quote... but ... when did flattening the curve turn into waiting for a cure..... Flattening the curve was never meant to lower the death toll... it was meant to spread it out so we don't overwhelm hospitals.... We spent tons of money and sent Navy Medical ships to help... damn... they weren't needed.... I believe someone is sitting in a room somewhere going.... PSYCH!!!!
  7. To be fair you should also post the democratic response to shutting down travel from China in January, the request to come to the big cities to spend money in February and early March... Maybe the advice from the WHO... there is a lot that went into taking away our freedoms for something with a death rate so low... they have to be able to stop the voices of reason that say we should not be quarantining healthy people...basically killing a screaming economy... if your at risk stay home.. but don't take away my freedom to roam as I please....
  8. I was a big Emerson Lake and Palmer fan back in the day, well still am... I heard the when Keith Emerson was putting the band together his first choice was Randy Bachman not Greg Lake...
  9. We are planning a 4 corners ride in 2021. Gonna touch Maine, Washington, California, Florida and all the states between. We haven’t mapped the route yet.
  10. A bunch of us camped and rode that area a couple years ago.. beautiful country.. congrats on getting out of commifornia
  11. Bout time!! Retirement doesnt suck... on already on my 5th Saturday this week..
  12. All mentioned very good too. We saw Jason Bonham and his Led Zeppelin Experience. It was an amazing show. If you closed your eyes it was Zeppelin. Jason told stories about growing up with his dad and Led Zeppelin. He said his dad was like any dad and he was like any teenager... he said how he was mad at his dad and told him the Police were better than them.. it was a good story
  13. So quite a few years ago I had a disagreement on here about the best drummer in Rock and Roll. I thought it was Carl Palmer, probably because I grew up in the 60s and early 70s and Emerson Lake and Palmer was one of my favorite bands. Since Neil Pearts death Ive been watching some YouTube videos. I now believe I was wrong. Neil Peart was the greatest drummer in Rock and Roll history.
  14. Thats what they claimed with my PowerPlus 100 too... hope this testing is a little more thorough.. ?
  15. He said, Barron Trump should be kidnapped and put in a cage with pedophiles. That suggests harm. He later apologized. But Im in my years ... Ive learned you cant unsay something.
  16. His dad was a good one. Peter and Jane... not so much.
  17. Do you think they are? I dont. The problems I had with Harley was if ya didnt look like you had a lot a money they ignored you.demand was so much greater than supply they could. Ive yet to be ignored when I walk in a dealer. Then they charged over Mario cuz they could.. same supply/demand thing.. thats not happening that I know of...
  18. I dont think theyre gonna make it... building good bikes and selling a lot of them is a recipe for disaster...
  19. Welcome back... Someone should probably start the cleanup on aisle 5...
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