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  1. Fauci and the useless idiots don't think any of the unvaccinated have immunities... if your vaccine works so well you are fine. If you are worried or have a compromised immune system by all means wear a mask or get vaccinated... don't fucking ask me to do either.
  2. So Covid is so bad everywhere we have to ho back to masks.... except the border... that covid the illegals are bringing in must we really mild and not contagious... cuz I'm sure the idiot in charge has the second idiot in charge making sure things continue going really well done there and we won't be affected.. Remember... build longer tables... I expect to see all the supporters of these idiots to be taking in these illegals, regardless of their covid status...
  3. I just got an image of a tweet that said something like this 'Only the sick governing elites can look you in the eye with a straight face and force experimental injections on you cuz the masks didn't work while simultaneously forcing masks on you cuz the injections didn't work.'
  4. Yep... so where are the Biden supporters to dispute this. To explain this away. They have become quiet.
  5. By the way, if you are vaccinated and not safe from the likes of me, your vaccine sucks.
  6. I still don't understand how the Delta variant being more contagious makes it necessary for vaccinated people to be required to wear a mask. I'm unvaccinated, and plan to stay that way, but I don't care if your vaccinated and don't wear mask. Am I not the one at risk? Although I'm petty sure I have natural immunity that is every bit as good, if not better, than the vaccine immunity. Seems to me that herd immunity should be reached much quicker if you just stay unmasked and let us unvaxed heathens catch the covid... but, wait.. it's about control isn't it? How much will the dumbasses put up wi
  7. You know , there used to be quite a bit of Trump bashing by the leftists... I don't hear much... well any, Biden praising. I'm still waiting on the list, or just any good thing this fucking idiot has done.
  8. Dictators usually call the powers that be dictators so the easily led will follow. Once in power they begin their dictatorial policies. You know, shutting down free speech, attempting gun control, making the populace dependent, pushing mandates, like masks or vaccines, attempting to divide the civilian population, allowing major disruption in cities so they can come in and control them.... yeah... it has happened. Remember, Trump did none of this, yet was a called a dictator. The easily led followed his opponent.
  9. So the fucking liberals call us Nazis for supporting Trump. Now we are enemies of the State for supporting Trump. If they think this is just politics you're way wrong. They have crossed the line to personal. I have not lost any friends to politics, but I have to personal attacks. I still have friends who voted for Biden. They kept it political. We just disagree.
  10. Sad thing is it's hitting us and our families too.. those that thought longer tables were the answer need to lengthen table and take the illegals in, those that wanted the pipeline shutdown need to stop riding their gas using toys, those afraid of global warming need to turn off their AC and leave the rest of us to our guns and toys.
  11. This must be considered misinformation. You know like the misinformation that the corona virus came from the Wuhan lab. And so many others that did not fit the narrative.
  12. What "misinformation" are they getting rid of? Is it "misinformation" or is it just a difference of opinion. I believe it's the latter, a difference of opinion. Just like "follow the science" means follow their theory and not any of the other theories. We are in a sad place. The Democratic party is attempting dictatorial rule. The media is an accomplice.
  13. The government is going to read my text message and my posts then correct as they see fit... Yeah, Trump was a dictator. And we're just a bunch a Nazis.
  14. It'll be ok... Joe's coming to our houses to vaccinate us...
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