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  1. Well... I'll be damned... the dipshit in charge finally said something truthful. The U.S. only produces 15% of the world's carbon emissions... Joe now says if we do everything perfectly it won't matter. He killed all those jobs and now admits it won't matter... maybe he thinks if we give enough money to China and India through the Paris deal they'll stop polluting... yesh... just give them more money... that always works... look at Iran after Obama gave them pallets of cash... things are finally looking up...
  2. I have a set of Samson fish tails on my Springfield. The company is/was in Indiana last year when I bought them. They had issues and told me they weren't going to sell them anymore ( for the Polaris Indians). Not sure about Gilroys.
  3. It's all kumbaya to these socialist dipshits, until the bill comes due.
  4. The Dipshit in Charge says the riots were unifying. And to think some people actually voted for this.
  5. And now the Russian bounty story on the troops is found to be more bullshit.. ran at full speed by the mainstream media.. another hoax... believed by the libs... they were fed so much bullshit and bought it all... Hey... where's the list of good shit Biden has done.. oh... never mind...
  6. I just read where some dipshit woman is no longer a binary gender... whatever the fuck that means. Can one of you liberals step up and explain? She is now a they... apparently she has multiplied. I don't get it it. Maybe the Pakistani studies will clear it up for me.
  7. They were always saying how we should watch CNN and MSNBC for our news. Hmmmm... CNN admitted they were spreading propaganda and lies... MSNBC carried the same shit. They were so mislead but yeah... no more mean tweets... just less jobs, higher gas prices, more taxes and the laughing stock of the world...
  8. I'm surprised every day by the lack of Biden accomplishments listed here by those butt hurt by President Trump... Well... not really... all he has done is fuck things up to this point. And I don't see it getting any better...
  9. And the list of good things just keeps growing. What a fucking idiot we have in charge.
  10. And the list of good things the idiot in chief does just keeps growing. This guy is a disaster, but he doesn't do mean tweets... yay!!! Not the Biden Administration but the new Biden/Harris administration in action. Unfuck'nbelievable....
  11. Every now and then I watch MSNBC and CNN to see the other perspective. Seems we should be ashamed to be a white male. All of our problems can be traced back to us. I'm not ashamed of what I am. I've had no privilege, I've worked my ass off since I was 16. I've made good and bad decisions that have landed me where I am. I'm fed up with being blamed. I'm not a white supremist, I'm not privileged. None of my friends are either, the white ones or the black ones. I'm really tired of this shit. Really tired of the accusatory liberal woke cancel culture. They can kiss my lily white ass.
  12. Hey, I'm sure they're happy. They got some wins... The Potato family had been neutered, that Deviant Dr. Seuss won't be messing with our kids, they'll be able to find out all the Pakistani genders. I mean... c'mon man, what more could you ask for.
  13. Still anxiously awaiting a good thing this idiot has done... c'mon man... somebody, anybody please give me a good thing.. tell me just how happy you are with what the idiot in charge has done... tell me how you aren't butt hurt anymore because the mean old Trump is tweeting. Tell me how much better your life is now.
  14. My daughter told me my guns would be safe from Biden if I kept them upstairs.
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