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  1. You know Biden said he was coming after assault rifles, right? Within the last week he said that. As well as he was going to destroy the NRA... not his exact words, but his exact meaning.
  2. Bidenettes are hilarious.. But really, which ones are you ok giving up?
  3. So you're good with the guns he plans take this time? Will you be ok next time? How about the time after that? I'm not good anytime. Isn't murder already illegal? But our dear liberals spend more time worrying about the criminals rights and taking away our guns when there are plenty of gun laws already.. Fact is, it pisses me off to no extent that people would vote to knowingly give up rights.
  4. The new guy has already said he's coming after our guns. This isn't going to be fun.
  5. More about racquetball. New rules. No longer required to be a USRA member to compete in sanctioned tournaments. That was exclusionary. Open to all.. Anyone can play. Changing the name of the organization, too. It is the United States Racquetball Association. That is offensive, racist, xenophobic and anti LGBTQ and whatever other letters are needed. I thing the plan is to call AIRTEUYDWOORA. That's the All Inclusive Respectful to Everyone Unless You Disagree With Our Opinion Racquetball Association.
  6. It's not about liking this guy. That's where you're majorly wrong. It's about caring for this country, doing what is right for America and Americans. That is what he has attempted to do and accomplished much with all the shit the democrats have thrown at him for 4 years. You talk about moronic. What do they say... the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results... enter Joe Biden... 47 years of non accomplishments. Well, he did get him and his family quite rich on a government salary. So, that is an accomplishment. Now we'll have open borders, get pay for China and Russia to pollute, pay more taxes, but yeah, corporation taxes will go up. When corporate taxes go up I'm sure it will be better for us cuz they'll just except lower profits and won't pass that on to us. Take a look at where we are today; gas prices, economic growth, increased income, stick market and compare to where we are in 2 years. I think it's gonna be a sad comparison.
  7. There'll be a new format in racquetball. We are just going to divide all the points and redistribute them equally. Everyone will now get a trophy.
  8. Thus coup has been planned and going on for over 4 years.
  9. Until this scamdemic almost everyone was benefitting economically, there are now peace accords between Israel and Muslim counties in the Middle East, NATO countries are paying their fair share, we're no longer funding terrorist regimes, out of the Paris climate deal where we got to pay China and Russia to continue polluting while we are reducing our own emissions, got rid of Biden crime bill and released non violent offenders... and so many more accomplishments the liberal media won't talk about and liberals won't accept. Then there allow Joe's accomplishments. I'll list them here, Crime bill, Trying to reduce Social Security, Medicare and Veterans benefits multiple times. Ukraineing corruption making Hunter, and maybe Joe a ton. China... same.. And his claim that his taxes have been reviewed and shown signs... right, like they'd be stupid enough to show it there. So, if you're happy with a corrupt politician who has done very little good in nearly 50, you're voting for the right guy.
  10. But Joe said it's not true. And Hillary didn't delete any emails. All conspiracy theories...
  11. And just to add to this a little... I also think e play is to see how easily and much freedom we are willing to give up... this may be the biggest play of all.
  12. Here is my take, in addition to those things listed here, on how we are being played. The ruling elite does not like how things are going. They have tried the following; let’s create a Russian collusion narrative to get a non member of this elite group removed. It failed. lets impeach the non member of this elite group for suggesting an investigation into corruption in a foreign country should be done. Whoops this corruption involved a member of this elite group and his son. This member bragged about an incident of a quid pro quo to remove someone already investigating this. That can’t be ... let’s impeach... again it Failed. So, let’s utilize an infectious disease with a 99% or better survival rate to shut down our economy. The outcome is yet to be determined... This assumption of mine is based on my belief that there is a ruling elite. The belief that this ruling elite is getting richer and more powerful everyday. And, they fear this could change unless they can remove the non member.
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