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  1. I hung a copy of the picture of those three firemen hoisting the American flag on the broken flag pole in the rubble on my office wall 15 years ago. It is still on my office wall. Never forget! Never forgive!
  2. I saw a video clip of some of the bikes going by. It's for real.
  3. My mom has been in Heaven for about 30 years now but Saturday, thanks to Daniel, one of my local cousins, I got to see one of my mother's younger sisters (my Aunt) that I had not seen since my mother's funeral. My Aunt is now 78 and looks very much like my mother did. We had a wonderful visit and will now keep in touch. She lives 450 miles away, but is coming back in July to visit us again. So I did have a nice Mother's Day of sorts. My Aunt came down with her daughter (another cousin of mine, same age as me) and I had not seen that cousin since we both were 10 years old. We are 55 now. Nice
  4. Prayers to help your sorrow. May the Lord comfort you and give you peace. She is now without sickness or pain.You will see her again. Robert
  5. I don't want to push religion on anyone.....so glassguy2 if your not, then ignore what follows. Prayers to you both.... I've lost both parents and some friends to cancer. It is hard. I'll come out and say I'm a Christian. I am not ashamed of that. When your wife passes, you will grieve. I found the following that might help. There comes a point when, despite numerous prayers for healing and the efforts of doctors and modern medicine, it becomes clear that a loved one will not recover. The idea that he or she will not be around much longer is hard to swallow. How can this person, w
  6. Already sent prayers. Since you asked for prayers, I'll assume y'all are religious. Hope you have your pastor or a pastor to help you through this. Ask the Lord for comfort and peace. Everyone has to cross over. There is eternal glory and a better place awaiting us for those that follow Jesus.
  7. If that is a real toe.....in Texas we would string it on a trotline and catch us a good catfish, then have fish fry.
  8. On the 31st (Sunday) it was 86 and sunny down here in Texas. Riders were out all over. We rode 40 miles to eat lunch and parked in the shade with several other bikes.
  9. I don't need a key to a toilet. I live out on a ranch and can go outside and pee anytime I want too. Nobody lives close enough to see.
  10. Paid my dues and joined IIRA today. for some reason the capital letters didn't show up in the post title, oh well it is Monday
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