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  1. I'm not an engineer or a draftsman but I sketched out right hand and left hand views of what I think a new Indian Four should look like. I based a lot of the styling on the Thunderstroke 111 so I called it Thunderstroke DNA. Its a push rod two valve per cylinder inline four displacing 1502cc with a 75mm bore and an 85mm stroke. It has external cooling fins but could and possibly should have water jackets inside. It has two separate rocker arm covers that have the same diagonal finning as the TS111 and the finning on the exhaust side is separated to mimmick the old 441 fours. The downward
  2. New generation of self absorbed biker wannabes. Not all that surprised.
  3. I got this fancy box in the mail from Indian. Inside that box was another fancier one with some "Welcome to Indian" stuff and a patch on top of it. Inside the second box was a pin and another patch and this IMRG membership thing as well as a plastic gas tank shaped paper weight with a watch mounted where the speedometer would normally be. If they had included the wristband I could've at least been able to wear the damned watch. I pretty much just chalk this up as P.R. bullshit from Polaris.
  4. I lost my dad back in 1973. He committed suicide and it was horrible for our family and my mother remarried three and a half years later. My step-father lived to be 90. He and mom had 30 years of marriage. All four grandparents and all but one uncle have also passed. Lots of funerals over the years. Just a couple days ago I lost my best old pal, Buddy my dog. To tell you the truth it was every bit a sad as losing a human relative. He was eleven years and seven months old and suffering a slow painful death when my son & I decided to have him put down. His unconditional love & l
  5. A good used bike is the key because you aren't dropping a nice new ride if & when that happens. Based on your size even a Yamaha V-Star 650 or a Honda Shadow 750 could work for you. On the used market these bikes are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. You can get your experience and raise your confidence and skill level without risking dropping a shiny expensive new Indian. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Men & women tend to get the 'hornies' when put together in a work environment. I spent nearly 34 years working in a factory with as many female workers as male and it was pretty much a "Peyton Place" there. I wonder if there already hasn't been some sort of hanky-panky between male & female astronauts or cosmonauts. Anyhow the messiness in zero gravity would probably be a problem if not a hazard.
  7. Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki all three make 250cc beginner bikes. Kawasaki used to make a 500cc Vulcan cruiser and Honda used to make the VLX 600 cruiser. Good used examples of any of these are out there.
  8. They're just trying to be so much like Harley Davidson that it just ain't funny. Sounds exactly like their HOG chapters, which are both dealer and company supported. Anything to keep the sheep corralled and fleeced.
  9. I'm the dumb-ass who pulled the wrong pull. Guess I deserve some teasing. I never had a jacket zipper that unzips from the bottom before.
  10. Turns out since it wasn't defective there wasn't any need to be returned or refunded. Yes the "made in China" thing sucks, but Harley and all the others including big garment manufacturers like Levis etc. are doing this. Millions of Americans had their jobs outsourced. I used to work for Honeywell who owned Autolite Spark Plugs. They moved production to Mexico thanks to NAFTA and luckily I got to retire from Autolite just before it moved out.
  11. Wow, I'm glad that is over. I feel like a complete idiot. I went up to Indian of Toledo and was trying on alternative jackets when the sales associate walked me over to the parts department next door. Turns out this jacket has two zipper pulls, one to zip upwards to close and another at the bottom to unzip it from the bottom. Apparently I grabbed the wrong or both pulls with my riding gloves on and unzipped the jacket from the bottom. When I looked and didn't see the stopper at the bottom I assumed it had fallen off. The lady who does returns showed me how this zipper works. Now who nee
  12. The dealer just called me yesterday and they will replace the jacket or refund the money. I'm riding up there to take care of that this afternoon and also to use my coupons on an Indian oil change kit before they expire. Thanks for all of your input.
  13. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost a son-in-law a couple years ago so it's not exactly the same as losing one's own child. Hang-on and embrace that daughter-in-law. By all means share your loss & sorrow with her but most of all share life & love with her and those you still have. My sympathies for you & yours.
  14. Other than the damn zipper this one "appeared" to be well made too. Either way the dealer & Polaris has to make it right with me. Refund, replace or repair the jacket. A metal zipper would be a good fix but it's very unlikely the dealer would get it fixed or reimburse me for having it done. The refund would be the simplest solution in my case.
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