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  1. Met ckelly at if I remember correctly, the second Ride to the Barn. Def quite the colorful character!! RIP Charles!!
  2. VC---And, I'll personally ride to Washington, D.C. and take a shit on the lawn @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Yeah, let us all know how well that works out for ya. You might think you could do it, but I bet you have crosshairs on you before you get past any gate
  3. Where I work, there is still a Hanoi Jane urinal sticker that has been there for 35 years that I can remember. It is a favorite target of all who work there!!
  4. As for me, I always, always keep my eye on the front wheel of any vehicle I see at an intersection. You can look the idiots in the eye and they will still pull out on you. The wheel movement is your sign of what they mindlessly do while looking you in the eye as you approach while they glance down at the all important phone text message they are usually doing. Stay safe out there and ride defensively.
  5. I have worked in a coal fired power plant for over 37 years, and I have to say our companies efforts to remain environmentally clean has never been greater than in the past ten to fifteen years. Coal is cheap and very reliable, and we can raise and drop load very quickly, and often do. Our three units are equipped with scrubbers and most emissions now are water vapor and carbon dioxide ( of course CO2-you just burnt a fossil fuel) Don't kid yourselves-natural gas emitts carbon dioxide also. KenB is right when he says coal isn't on it's way out. Obammy did his best to cripple us. We are defi
  6. Tomorrow it should be 19 months max for me if my plan works they way I have it figured out. CANNOT wait to turn every day into a Saturday like y'all have said!!
  7. Holding you both in our thoughts and prayers. Cherish the time you spent together with her. It will take many long rides to clear your mind!
  8. Nothing but good thoughts to the both of you. Stay strong for her, and we pray she will be able to whip this and win her fight! Prayers form Ohio way!
  9. I had good luck for the sunglasses with prescription by going with WileyX . The sunglasses do have a moderate curve to them, but not so much that a prescription can't be fitted. Actually even have my progressive bifocals in there also. They do offer several styles with a removable foam seal for riding. Their website also has a feature where you can search for a local provider, at least some place you could try some on for fit. Just my two cents
  10. The sensors on my truck all failed consecutively right before the four year mark. They use a very small watch type battery inside them which cannot be changed out. Tire shop told me that GM, Ford and Dodge all use a similar type which don't last long. Seems the Hondas, Nissans, and Toyotas use a better brand. Had a six year old Honda that I never changed the sensors on. Coincidence? Perhaps. The sensors were about $65/per on the Chevy truck. YMMV
  11. Check out a product by the name of TORDON. A herbicide that will kill grasses and woody type plants. Does not take much to kill the stuff for several years. I find it at Tractor Supply or Rural King stores locally
  12. I had been waiting and hoping that the new model year may bring some better color choices After having seen these for 2016--me thinks NOT!!!
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