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  1. What does it take to turn a Trump supporter into a socialist? $1200
  2. Hey, I'm super good at picking the numbers that DON'T win.
  3. Around the beginning of the year I said "I predict that one of the next celebrity deaths will be Kirk Douglas". By golly, I must be a prophet.
  4. I got put under for the first time for them to shove a camera up my ass. Nurse doing the anesthesia told me "don't worry. We use the same stuff Michael Jackson used". I say "you mean the shit that KILLED HIM?"
  5. At least Tesla has a sense of humor. My kid has a Model 3. It has "fart mode". It will simulate a fart sound coming from whichever seat position you want. I bet kids love that shit.
  6. Ya know... If I had the money to buy a Cybrtrk I'd probably buy a beat up old pickup for about $500 and spend the rest on a 'vette instead.
  7. That's what people said about the model 3. Tesla actually does come thru, all though they miss the target date quite a bit. When the truck does come, it probably won't be anywhere near what the "concept" truck they showed. No mirrors? No lights that are required. Lots of obvious stuff needs to change to make it legally sellable. The Elio... Now THAT'S vaporware.
  8. I find it amusing. A bunch of guys who like Indians because they don't look like the same old thing Harley keeps cranking out. Who bitch and whine when the Indians begin to look like the Harleys. Then comes a pickup truck that isn't the same cookie cutter truck everyone else is pooping out, and they all hate it. I'd buy one if my financial outlook was better.
  9. I'll tell ya one thing. The people who buy Indians has changed in the past 5 years. I got in trouble on another forum for using the word vagina.
  10. Right on! Pete's going to the barn this year! See ya there!
  11. Long and drawn out? As a kid you obviously never wasted an entire Sunday afternoon watching Wide World Of Sports just to see Evel Kenevil jump at the very end of the show.
  12. So, did you have any influence on this, or is it just coincidence?
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