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  1. My issue with electric cars, bikes, etc is they are currently only good for shorter distant trips. A typical 1 day ride on the weekend for me is 200-600 miles, a two day ride is normally 1000+. How do I do this with current technology? If I only used my bike for short runs, back and forth to work or bar hoping I could live with the range issues but its now how I use my bike. What ever green solution they come up with needs to have a 5-10 recharge\refuel capability or it doesn't work for me.
  2. As a veteran I support the NFL players rights to protest and would defend them if anyone attempt to take away those rights BUT that doesn't mean I agree with how they are going about heir protest or support them while they disrespect the National Anthem. I have walked away from the NFL, now I just need to decide if its time to return my Packer stock hanging on my wall.
  3. My Dark Horse now has company in the garage. It's not an Indian but purchased a 2004 Goldwing CSC purple trike we are calling Gilbert (or maybe Barney). My wife had a incident on her bike with a car about 8 years ago and has never been comfortable on two wheels since. We have rented trikes a few times and she really enjoyed being a copilot so this weekend we pulled the trigger and purchased a trike. We were looking for something used,affordable (for a trike) and reliable. Not really used Indian trikes out there yet so I thought we would probably get an HD but after taking a couple Goldwin
  4. Well part of me is still hoping Indian adds a little color the the DH line this fall. They already the matte gray on standard Chieftain (those tins on a DH would make a nice modern bomber..hmmm), the Scout had matte red paint so they know how to do it at the factory. Assuming they don't add any color to the DH line you would think starting in primer would be cheap to get the paint work done.
  5. I said I would upgrade from 2010 Red Dark Horse when they came out with a Dark Horse Chieftain or Road Master. Went down and talk to the local dealer to see when they could be order in primer but it's not not available yet. My plan is to order one in primer and paint it matte red like my 2010. Told them I would be willing to do Gloss Red if they wanted to do a sheet metal swap with a standard Chieftain but they were not interested. Anyone know if the tank emblems are still available? Probably a question for the boys down in Charlotte.
  6. Well so much for the wall clock, dealer called today. Dealer was under the impression that if Polaris did ask for the rim back in 90 days it was mine. Turns out is was 120 days and yesterday was day 116 and Polaris wants it back. They explained that they had cut a hole in the rim so it couldn't be reused but Polaris said the manufacture of the rim wants is back or the cost is $1700 (for the dealer). Dealer was up front about the situation and that they would appreciate it back but couldn't force me to return it or bill me for it seeing how it was their mistake. So back to the dealer it go
  7. Got a call the other day that Polaris didn't ask from my rim back from the dealer after it was replaced because of the safety recall. This will soon be a clacl from garage wall.
  8. About a year ago I got diagnosed with cancer. They went in removed it and everything looked good but this week during a follow up check they found another tumor but this time it was much smaller. Had that removed yesterday with no complications and should be back to riding in week or so. Remember once you get to a certain age or something "weird" happens get it checked it. Nobody likes being poked, prodded, scanned or Dr long finger but catching stuff like this early can make all the difference. PS My diagnoses last year happened when I was about to buy littleman's gilroy. It really m
  9. Sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  10. Have a cousin down at Sturgis and he sent me this photo of an Indian with a hack. Pretty sure that is a Blue Diamond Roadmaster on the left. Looks better than what they have on their web site.
  11. Anyone else following the following the Iron Butt 2015 Rally? The theme this year is National Parks, to finish you have to visit at least 50 national parks in 25 states in 11 days. Not a single Indian in the field this year but all 8 HDs entered are still running. The BMWs have been dropping out let and right for some reason this year. 11,000 to 14,000 miles in 11 days takes it's toll on rider and machine. http://www.ironbuttrally.com/IBR/2015.cfm Map witht helocation of all of the active riders. https://spotwalla.com/locationViewer.php?id=283&showHome=yes&showInfo=yes
  12. Sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  13. I think a Ural would be fun, it would extend my riding season. Can be much colder than snowmobiling.
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