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  1. Went to the eye guy yesterday. After having my pupils dilated, dye injected into my veins, and ultra bright lights flashed into my eyes. I can barely see at all today. Indication is a blood clot near the carotid artery. CT scan to be arranged for confirmation. This is actually good news. If the problem was in the eye, there's nothing to be done. A vascular surgeon can address this.
  2. Went blind last weekend in my left eye for about 48 hours. Ophthalmologist useless. Has no idea why I'm having a hypersensitivity to light in that eye. CT scan of brain looked fine. I've been referred to a specialist but he can't see me(hee hee) until Feb. 1. Anybody ever hear of anything like this? It's OK at the moment but, as the day wears on and it gets brighter and brighter, my eye will become increasingly sensitive to the light and everything will start getting washed out. Had a diabetic eye exam a month ago and everything looked fine. This time, the doc thinks she sees a difference but, like I said, has no idea why that would result in a variable hypersensitivity to light. Trip to Atlanta should be interesting. Have sunglasses arriving by Amazon tomorrow. Dialysis clinic called on Friday and said that the clinic in Atlanta that confirmed my appointment, apparently forgot that they're not open on Tuesdays. Never heard of a clinic like that. Par for the course for Atlanta, I guess. Damn near all the restaurants are closed on Mondays, too. Had a hell of a time figuring out where to take my niece to dinner. Now, if they can't find an alternative place for me to dialyze, I'll have to come home Monday night and kiss off dinner with my niece altogether. They've got a week to solve the problem or I'm going to be really pissed.
  3. Georgia. I have to go out of state to get a kidney these days. Emperor Newsom has decreed it so. I have a niece in Atlanta which is key as they need you to have somebody in the area who can keep an eye on you during the six week recuperation period.
  4. My latest concern is that I won't know the results of the test until I get to Atlanta. If they're positive, I'm screwed.
  5. Something happened to me this weekend that never happened to me before. I went blind in my left eye. I tried to schedule an appointment with my ophthalmologist but was told that I wouldn’t be let in the building because I have a runny nose. It’s winter time and I have a cold but it could be Covid-19 so just go blind. Luckily, my sight returned Monday. I'm going to Atlanta for an evaluation interview for a kidney at the end of the month. I will need dialysis while I'm there. In order to get dialysis in Atlanta, I have to get a COVID-19 test before I leave. However, nobody would test me because, at the time, I had no symptoms. They're only testing patients now with symptoms. I’d put money on a runny nose not qualifying as a symptom but I’ll never know because my nephrologist ordered the test for me. Now, I'm having problems because my doctor ordered the test I need for Atlanta. The order shows up in the system so doctors I have want to cancel my appointments because I must have symptoms otherwise why would I be getting the test? I feel like stepping on an ant and grinding my heel, twice.
  6. Here's a couple of photos from my 2003 Iron Butt Tour:
  7. Daddyg, good to hear from you. I'm glad this forum is still available to connect old time Gilroy riders such as yourself with others. I remember Eugene well, also. I had just crashed the bike up on the Washington coast. Both the bike and myself had seen better days. Thankfully, both were in adequate shape to make the ride back to the Bay Area. I have a picture of us from the Eugene encounter but I have to rebuild the mirror it's on before I can post it. Might take a day or two, it's a big mirror. Still in Eugene? Still got the Chief?
  8. Just for the record, got my eighth Covid-19 test in two months this week due to yet another hospital stay. Again, negative. When are they going to start believing it? I have end stage renal disease and virtually no immune system left. If I had Covid-19 I would be on a respirator. As an aside, this latest hospital stay proved beyond doubt that epogen would solve my hemoglobin problem yet my dialysis clinic still refuses to give it to me. I will be changing clinics as soon as the paper work is complete. So much for operating in the best medical interest of the patient. My guess, their hoarding the epogen and selling it on the black market.
  9. Doc, I'm on Procrit. I get it at the clinic. Problem is, I'm getting the slow acting version called Mircela? instead of the fast acting Epogen. My doctor has requested the Epogen but the clinic has refused the request. Even though I've topped out at 8.9 three weeks running, they won't switch to the Epogen. My doctor has recommended changing clinics and it's looking like that's the way to go but I have to make sure I have transportation to the new clinic and that the new clinic will provide the Epogen. If so, then I'll make the change. The problem is that my current clinic is a private, for profit corporation. The new clinic would be a not for profit corp.. A sick old man shouldn't have to worry about these things. Just give me a kidney and I'll be on my way. Believe it or not, the clinic wanted to send me to the hospital again on Friday. Even though I took a Tylenol before heading down to the clinic. the forehead temp sensor indicated 100.2. But, both the ear sensor and the moth sensor indicated 99.2. I told them that, if they sent me to the hospital and they read 99.2 they would ship me right back to the clinic. I said they were going to do that on Wednesday using the logic that I was Covid-19 negative so what difference did it make what the fever was from. Eventually, the clinic. uncomfortably, bit the bullet and dialyzed me but unless this fever goes away, I fear I'm in for more hot potato treatment. Maybe the new clinic will be different. Fingers crossed.
  10. I rant here because I fear persecution. I'm pretty sure they could get to me through my sister. Not worth the risk.
  11. I often do do just that. However, I have prescription based Tylenol #3 on hand instead of regular Tylenol. I was down to my last two pills and didn't want to use them up before getting a refill. I felt fine so I didn't even bother to check my temp(big mistake). My sister is picking up the refill today, a day late and a dollar short. But, yes, you can bet that won't happen again. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Back in the hospital yesterday after showing up to the dialysis clinic with a fever. That was all they needed to ship me off to the hospital. After the obligatory Covid-19 test, the seventh one in two months, was negative, the doctor wanted to send me back to the clinic using the logic that, whatever the fever was, it wasn't Covid-19. I told him what would happen. Eventually, it would boil down to you say he's our responsibility so, fine, we accept responsibility. They will then send me off to their Covid-19 positive facility, even though I'm negative and subject me to the Covid-19 virus. The doctor was appalled but, after speaking with the clinic, the decision was made to dialyze me in the hospital. I told him not to feel so morally superior. Last time I was in the hospital with a fever of unknown origin and negative for Covid-19, same as now, I was placed in the Covid-19 ward where, if I had spent one more day, hospital policy would have had me shipped off to that same, Covid-19 positive, dialysis facility that the dialysis would have shipped me off to. I've probably tested negative more times in the last two months than any patient in the Bay Area but, I remain just one step away from being systemically exposed to Covid-19. Me, someone with no immune system, and at the highest risk for death from exposure. This kind of crap got exposed with the nursing homes but only after thousands died. I hope I don't have to be one of those that has to die to expose what's wrong with the system's treatment of dialysis patients.
  13. Just got out of the hospital again. This time, my hemoglobin was 6.8, but, because I had a cough and a fever, I was put in the Covid-19 ward even though I tested negative twice in six hours. They gave me a unit of blood and took out a unit for all the blood tests they ran trying to figure out what I had.. They gave me another unit which brought my hemoglobin up to 8.2 but, overnight, it went down to 7.4 and nobody could tell me why. They gave me a third unit and kicked me out without checking my hemoglobin. The alternative was to send me to the death house, the dialysis facility that is Covid-19 positive, even though I've always (six times) tested negative. An immuno-compromised patient with no evidence of Coviid-19 being forced to dialyze with Covid-19 positive patients. It's like the New York law forcing Covid-19 negative nursing homes to accept Covid-19 positive applicants. They actually gave me a gift and a send-off when I was discharged. I told them that I didn't have Covid-19 so why the send-off? They said that so few patients actually leave the floor alive that they wanted to celebrate my leaving. I thanked them, asked them if they knew what hysterical paranoia was, and left. If my hemoglobin doesn't start going up on it's own, I'll be back next week for another transfusion anyway.
  14. Just found out yesterday that, while everyone was busy making sure that I didn't have Covid-19, nobody noticed that my hemoglobin had dropped dangerously low. Now they want me to go back to the hospital and get a transfusion. I've never had one and I hope to never have one so I held out for plan B. I received a large injection of epogen, a red blood cell growth stimulator. But, I agreed that, if my hemoglobin continues to drop, that I would go to the ER and get the dreaded transfusion. Fingers crossed. It would never have come to this if people had been doing their jobs.
  15. Hey, Doc. Us old farts just won't quit will we? Remembering back to when I first joined this forum, you are the only member I can recall that was already there. I will tip a glass today to those members no longer present that were going strong when I created my user id. Those were the days.
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