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  1. Just found out yesterday that, while everyone was busy making sure that I didn't have Covid-19, nobody noticed that my hemoglobin had dropped dangerously low. Now they want me to go back to the hospital and get a transfusion. I've never had one and I hope to never have one so I held out for plan B. I received a large injection of epogen, a red blood cell growth stimulator. But, I agreed that, if my hemoglobin continues to drop, that I would go to the ER and get the dreaded transfusion. Fingers crossed. It would never have come to this if people had been doing their jobs.
  2. Hey, Doc. Us old farts just won't quit will we? Remembering back to when I first joined this forum, you are the only member I can recall that was already there. I will tip a glass today to those members no longer present that were going strong when I created my user id. Those were the days.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-theres-no-evidence-coronavirus-lockdowns-saved-lives-mass-quarantines-may-have-killed-people
  4. A couple of weeks ago, I went to my medical clinic for chemotherapy. Rather than lie to them, I told them that I had a cough. I was refused entrance to the building and told I must take a Covid-19 test. I was told to quarantine until the results came back. I told them that I couldn't as I had dialysis the following afternoon. The medical clinic informed my dialysis clinic which decided that, without waiting for the results for the test, to send me to the clinic of where they're sending patients who have tested positive for Covid-19. They were going to expose me to Covid-19 even though, as it turned out, I didn't have it. When my nephrologist heard this, he immediately cancelled the transfer. Good thing as I was a phone call away from involving my lawyer in the situation. As I mentioned previously, my Covid-19 test came back negative. The medical clinic rescheduled the chemo for the following Thursday. When I got there, I, once again, truthfully told them that I was now short of breath. Once again, I was refused entrance to the building. They couldn't use the Covid-19 excuse as I had tested negative the previous week. So, they subjected me to an EKG, a chest x-ray, a ct scan and a blood draw. The result of all these tests was to tell me I might have lung cancer and reroute me to the hospital. Once again. no chemo. I don't have lung cancer. A ct scan from 2 years ago shows the same enlarged lymph nodes that got them worried this time. Back then, I had a PET scan which is a test for cancer and it came back negative. I went to the ER and was sugjected to my second Covid-19 test in a week. It was also negative. I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia which is something I get maybe once a year. Antibiotics quickly took care of that. The lung doctor, noting the similarity of the ct scans was satisfied that I didn't have lung cancer. He did, however, recommend a biopsy of a swollen lymph node in my neck which was fine by me as I've never had a lymph node biopsy and would like to know why they're swollen. I was asked to spend two more days in the hospital to wean me off blood thinners so I could have the procedure without having to come back for it. I agreed to this as coming back would entail yet another Covid-19 test. Even so, when they moved me from my current hospital room to a new one, I had to undergo another Covid-19 test, my third in a week and a half. Also negative. This, of course, is in addition to swabs for MRSA which I had years ago. But, it never disappears from your hospital record. The nurses all have to put silly yellow gowns on before entering my room. But, having had MRSA all those many years ago, still guarantees me a private room so I can't complain. Yesterday, I had my biopsy. It was a complete waste of time as my blood was still too thin and all the samples got inundated with blood and were useless. I was told I would have to come back on Tuesday anyway for a redo. Plus, after all that, even though I was just discharged last night, I have to go back today for, you guessed it, a Covid-19 test. My fourth in two weeks. Plus, the discharge doctor told me, after all that, to have another PET scan done anyway, just to be sure. I wonder if yet another Covid-19 test is is my future. By the way, I still haven't received chemo. I wonder how many people are dying from these Covid-19 policies. More than a few, I'm guessing.
  5. Thank you. This board has been responsible for my meeting some great people on my rides. With its help, I hope, one day, to continue to do so.
  6. Greyrider, I still have the Squaw Magnet but I haven't ridden it since my kidneys failed. I have an appointment next week at Stanford to try and get back on the active list for a transplant which I was taken off of when I got cancer. I'm cancer free now but Stanford is, understandably, reluctant to give a kidney to someone who may get cancer again. I've been cancer free for one year but they like to wait two years with my type of cancer. I've made my case that my cancer will not recur so I'll soon see if that makes any difference. In any case, my plan is to get a kidney eventually. When I do , I plan to buy a cargo van and have it converted to a custom camper van. I will then put the Squaw Magnet on a trailer and drive wherever the hell I want using the Squaw Magnet to tool around once I get there. My days of fixing the Squaw Magnet on the side of the road so I can continue my cross country rides are over, sad to say. But, at least, I do, still, hold out hope that my days of riding the Squaw Magnet are not. Good to hear from you. Keep riding.
  7. Red took me to a place that had fried bologna and melted cheese sandwiches on the menu. My mom used to make that for me for lunch every day when I was in elementary school. I had them add relish so it was just like mom made. Wonderful. Only restaurant I've ever been to that had that on the menu.
  8. Mic, When I did my ballpark tour in 2003, it was called Jacobs Field. Saw the game with IronIndian Red Wazoo who also put me up at his house while I was in town. Had a great time. Indians two hit the Yankees. The next day, Red took me on a tour of Cleveland.
  9. Steve, Thank you. I actually had to write a computer program and input all the home game data for all the teams. The program then told me when to start the trip and what route to take to minimize the amount of time I would have to wait for a home game to be played. Worked like a charm. I only had to backtrack once, from Chicago to Milwaukee and back to Chicago. A small price to pay to watch the All Star game on my birthday! Besides, in the search for the best ballpark frank, I had found it at Wrigley Field so I didn't at all mind coming back to Chicago for more Chicago dogs. Yumm!
  10. I've touched all four corners during my six cross country rides but never in one ride. Closest I came was in 2001 which started as the Century Ride from California to Springfield, Mass. and then continued on to Quebec before turning around to head back to Sturgis before coming back home to California. In 2002 and 2003, I touched all four corners during my Great American Hot Dog Tour where I caught a ball game in every major league ball park in North America and sampled their signature hot dogs in the process looking for the best ball park frank. If I can be of assistance, let me know.
  11. Enjoy your retirement Chris. A lot of room for riding in the Dakotas.
  12. Met Peter Fonda at the Love Ride 2000. We had a nice conversation. Seemed like a good guy. Our conversation was continually being interrupted by people wanting to take Peter's picture. He was constantly telling all these people to use their flash even though it was broad daylight. Not one person listened to him. Kinda pissed him off. Here's a picture of Mr.Fonda standing next to the Squaw Magnet which was parked next to his bike totally by coincidence. No, it wasn't a Captain America bike. Yes, I used my flash. RIP.
  13. As the owner of the Gilroy Indian motorcycle that had more warranty work done on it (confirmed by Frank O' Connell) at more Indian dealerships (speculation on my part) I can guarantee you that Gilroy knew exactly what they were and were not paying for. It would have been easy for Gilroy to make that data available to it's dealer network. I don't know if they ever did. What I do know is that all that mattered to the dealers was that Uncle George authorize the warranty work currently under question. I suspect they did not have access to that data based on the number of times I was asked by various dealers if I had if certain recall issues taken care of yet, implying that the dealer didn't know. I can only surmise that the reason that, if Gilroy chose not to make their warranty work data available to dealers, was doing so was considered a cost liability. Why make it easier for warranty to get done if you don't have to? In Gilroy's case, why make it easier for dealers to know how many PowerPlus engines were getting rebuilt under warranty? As it was, the sheer cost of doing so, in my opinion, contributed significantly to Gilroy's demise. It can be argued that keeping that information away from dealers actually prolonged the amount of time that warranty work was done before Gilroy folded, something nobody, save potential new investors, wanted. Not saying Polaris is Gilroy, just saying be careful what you wish for.
  14. Hey Red. Hope things are going well for you. If you have the time, the inclination, and the money, try the Golden Ox for an outstanding steak on 1600 Genessee Street. https://www.facebook.com/goldenoxkc/ Enjoy.
  15. I love that my original review of Courtney's Place from 2005 is still accessible on this forum. Here it is:
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