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  1. Thought I would provide an update on my search for a kidney. In April, I went to Cincinnati in search of one. I was turned down but was provided with a list of hoops to jump through so that I could reapply. In the course of jumping through these hoops, a heart test revealed an inadequate blood flow to the heart while under stress. Exploratory surgery discovered a large calcium rock blocking an artery. Blockage was estimated at 90%. The rock was so big, my cardiologist was unable to remove it using traditional methods. The surgery was rescheduled for Stanford so that a laser could be use
  2. Skyline chili is one of my favorite foods. I have their hot sauce at home. Use it all the time. Even have their oyster crackers and a can or two of the chili itself. Very much looking forward to getting some 4 way while I'm there.\ Doc, my kidneys are dead. There's no healing them. Surgery is the only option. The eye is a different story. Some healing can occur. Acupuncture will increase the blood flow to the eye. Herbal cures can do the same and I've already bought a bottle of Eyebright. Should arrive tomorrow.
  3. Back from Atlanta. Things seem to go well. Will find out what the doctors think in short order. Doc, thanks. Will look into Eyebright. On to Cincinnati in my quest for a kidney.
  4. Doc, Thanks, I'll give it a try. Seeing a vascular surgeon anyway next week to see if there's any way he can increase circulation. My nephrologist just doubled my eliquis prescription in an effort to do same.
  5. Been going through hell trying to figure out what's going on with my left eye. I think I finally have it figured out. The retina expert misdiagnosed my condition as a blockage of the carotid artery instead of a blockage of the retinal artery. And now, with multiple doctors asking him what's going on, he's been lying through his teeth to cover his ass. Instead of accepting responsibility for my case, he said, instead, to make an appointment for six months out, providing no guidance as to what to do next. When I made an appointment to see a vascular surgeon, he said he never recommended my
  6. Turns out I spoke too soon. Not only did this idiot doctor order the wrong test for me, if he had taken the time to look at my file, he would have seen that I've already had the correct test, with negative results. It would seem that an MRI is in order next but the medical team where this idiot works is reviewing my case today and will recommend the next step. Luckily, I have a most excellent dermatologist who said he could recommend a retina specialist if this idiot doesn't pan out. Micmac, sorry I'll be missing you. Taking my niece to Mary Mac's on Monday. Staying at the Hi
  7. Went to the eye guy yesterday. After having my pupils dilated, dye injected into my veins, and ultra bright lights flashed into my eyes. I can barely see at all today. Indication is a blood clot near the carotid artery. CT scan to be arranged for confirmation. This is actually good news. If the problem was in the eye, there's nothing to be done. A vascular surgeon can address this.
  8. Went blind last weekend in my left eye for about 48 hours. Ophthalmologist useless. Has no idea why I'm having a hypersensitivity to light in that eye. CT scan of brain looked fine. I've been referred to a specialist but he can't see me(hee hee) until Feb. 1. Anybody ever hear of anything like this? It's OK at the moment but, as the day wears on and it gets brighter and brighter, my eye will become increasingly sensitive to the light and everything will start getting washed out. Had a diabetic eye exam a month ago and everything looked fine. This time, the doc thinks she sees a differ
  9. Georgia. I have to go out of state to get a kidney these days. Emperor Newsom has decreed it so. I have a niece in Atlanta which is key as they need you to have somebody in the area who can keep an eye on you during the six week recuperation period.
  10. My latest concern is that I won't know the results of the test until I get to Atlanta. If they're positive, I'm screwed.
  11. Something happened to me this weekend that never happened to me before. I went blind in my left eye. I tried to schedule an appointment with my ophthalmologist but was told that I wouldn’t be let in the building because I have a runny nose. It’s winter time and I have a cold but it could be Covid-19 so just go blind. Luckily, my sight returned Monday. I'm going to Atlanta for an evaluation interview for a kidney at the end of the month. I will need dialysis while I'm there. In order to get dialysis in Atlanta, I have to get a COVID-19 test before I leave. However, nobody would test me
  12. Here's a couple of photos from my 2003 Iron Butt Tour:
  13. Daddyg, good to hear from you. I'm glad this forum is still available to connect old time Gilroy riders such as yourself with others. I remember Eugene well, also. I had just crashed the bike up on the Washington coast. Both the bike and myself had seen better days. Thankfully, both were in adequate shape to make the ride back to the Bay Area. I have a picture of us from the Eugene encounter but I have to rebuild the mirror it's on before I can post it. Might take a day or two, it's a big mirror. Still in Eugene? Still got the Chief?
  14. Just for the record, got my eighth Covid-19 test in two months this week due to yet another hospital stay. Again, negative. When are they going to start believing it? I have end stage renal disease and virtually no immune system left. If I had Covid-19 I would be on a respirator. As an aside, this latest hospital stay proved beyond doubt that epogen would solve my hemoglobin problem yet my dialysis clinic still refuses to give it to me. I will be changing clinics as soon as the paper work is complete. So much for operating in the best medical interest of the patient. My guess, thei
  15. Doc, I'm on Procrit. I get it at the clinic. Problem is, I'm getting the slow acting version called Mircela? instead of the fast acting Epogen. My doctor has requested the Epogen but the clinic has refused the request. Even though I've topped out at 8.9 three weeks running, they won't switch to the Epogen. My doctor has recommended changing clinics and it's looking like that's the way to go but I have to make sure I have transportation to the new clinic and that the new clinic will provide the Epogen. If so, then I'll make the change. The problem is that my current clinic is a priv
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