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  1. Rideability was not a criteria. But they already have 3 on order. Two for display and one rideable. White tires are not street legal nor the front light. They will change this and some other things to get it street legal. For a daily ride, Fusion is my winner.
  2. The Fusion is a beautiful and rideable bike. Classic and modern. The Boardtracker is a nice historic reminder and it required a lot of job and customization. It deserve this place. Ok I'm partial to it. The rebel? What other than paint and two headlight? Not sure.
  3. Cute lil boy on the right toy with a cool t-shirt!
  4. I never met you but your post bring tears to my eyes. You're right, life is not fair. I'm am so sorry about your loss. I'll love my 3 sons while thinking of you. Prayers and positive thought for you. I don't know what I could do more.
  5. Hi everyone, I will travel to Pullman, WA next week for the job. Maybe thursday I will be almost free so I plan to head myself to Pasco and visit Thunder Alley Indian Motorcycle. Is this place worth the 2 hours trip and return to be visited? Thank you!
  6. And what about the cruise control? Is this update fixed it ?
  7. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lady! And thank you for our lunches Pete! I really hope everything will align for a second meeting at your place in June! Oh and Xavier was very surprised to hear you introduce yourself in french !
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