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  1. My response to anyone who doesn't support their police department is, who you going to call when there's someone kicking in your door?
  2. Could have been a lot worse. Best of luck with your healing. Replace the helmet with a new one.
  3. We all have our struggles, challenges, and demons. Life is never easy.
  4. Moral of the story: Never trust someone who wipes their ass bare handed and gets a hard on when they see a goat.
  5. The true meaning of hypocrisy is while Hillary is spewing out about gun control, all her body guards are packing. Let's disarm them first. Then let's see what tune she sings.
  6. I can't understand why a citizen of a third world country, would want to come to a country They Hate, unless it's to try to turn that country into the same shit hole they came from. Fk them.
  7. Hallelujah and Vote for Trump. These idiot Democratic Libtards are killing this Country just to get votes from people who aren't legally allowed to vote in the first place. That's why they fight so hard against voter identification. Wake up America! If you start out living in a country illegally, your part of the problem. Go to ANY other Country in the world. Demand the same as the illegals do here, and see what happens.
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