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  1. Ken - not sure if you are going to compile this list, but I wonder if there is a difference between dealers that carry or have experience with other Polaris brands vs. dealerships that are new to the game. Hernley's for example is a top tier Vic dealership (not that you'd ever know walking into the place since it's rather small) and I think a lot of that knowledge transfers over to how they handle the SL bikes. They know how to "work the Polaris system". I remember early on with the rebirth, they were getting accurate answers from the right people, knew how to order parts, enter bike order
  2. Do it as a loop, northern through MN, the MI UP, through Canada to ME, then drop down on the way home, basically circling the Great Lakes.
  3. PA Rt 6 across northern PA http://www.paroute6.com
  4. just read on Facebook. We went through the same thing about 5 years ago. Wife took it really hard but we made it through. MG - my wife sends her prayers along with mine.
  5. What they hell.....I never heard of a pizza party with no pizza!!!!! I tell ya. Was a great time mixin' Gilroy and Spirit Lake guys and a good turnout considering the weather sucked. Good food and good conversation.
  6. No blue cheese in them and certainly no freakin' Brie
  7. GOP leadership are progressives that like big government just like the Dems - they just like spending in other areas. Boehner already signaled they will do ANOTHER omnibus spending bill rather than trying to cut. DC's idea of a cut is a cut in the rate of growth. Baseline budgeting is evil.
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