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  1. On a happier note, Gov. Abbot signed HB1927 into law, making Texas the 21st state with Constitutional Carry. 😁😁 Goes into effect 1 September.
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  2. That’s back on first pedo joe said. “White extremists are the biggest threat to America” the Hunter said the “N word” and now “climate change is the biggest threat to America “ they just pushed Merrit garland on it , however they are also working on a system where you can turn in family friends and neighbors suspected of extremism ( that means anyone that questions the stolen elections or places America First).
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  3. You all are in deep shit now. With the exception of the clueless idiots that actually voted for this disaster . For most of you AG Garland says the biggest threat to America are white extremists, meaning anyone that supports President Trump or dare question the fraudulent election.
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  5. I hope nobody has is or has a family member that requires insulin , the commiecrats are ending President Trumps discounted program fro insulin. It’s a good thing the assholes don’t have to hear about mean tweets though
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