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    You’re selling your BIKE? One of the Weirdest 2020 things I’ve seen. BTW, it’s really good to see some MOTORCYCLE discussions on this motorcycle webpage.
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    I just saw one sell on Facebook for 5 grand. It was silver and purple. Running and with all kinds of accessories. They are our there. Al
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    WOW, " Not paying more $5 k"................ that is sad that you do not place more value in these than that. We whom own them and have invested in them money and time would not part with a good dependable Gilroy Chief for that. With all the upgrades (starters, ignition systems, 6 DDT, and such) 5K is a give away. Personally if you offered me 5K for my 99 Chief you would see a look of shock on my face, then a look if insult! At this time I would say that most owners of 1999-2000 Chief owners out right own the bike and have no need to sell it so your offer for a dependable rider at 5K is not enough to even make most of us (hope that I am not speaking out of turn here) take you serious. Now for 5K I do have a complete set of 1999 tins totally ready for paint that I might let go, you could buy a cheap "everyone has one" Harley and be able to create you a clone bike. My 1999 is slicker than it was new in 1999, all the Indian factory add on parts that I could get as well as a 6 speed DDT so not meaning to sound rude but again I would say on this forum 1999 - 2000 Chief owners wont even take this serious. My 1999 Indian Chief is priceless to me, I own 5 Indians all together and that 1999 has more value to me than any of them. At this point the 1999 Chief owners are hard core owners who have no desire to sell................. and I am sure that you have looked around and that is why you are here making an offer, no one truly wants to sell them! Like they say, "if you got to ask how much then you afford it". Just come prepared to pay at least 5X your offer and we may have a point to start at!....... but I would have to say I doubt it.
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    Great speech by Donald Trump last night. Very patriotic and positive. The lame stream media primarily zeroed in on potential super spread of Covid becaue of the delegates siting so close together. Unbelievable
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    That’s just a “peaceful protest “. According to the dumb fuck demoRATS
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    sounds to me like Teddy's tin foil hat is too tight. I agree with taking care of ones self and going out I don't wear a mask but I would put one on if I needed something from a business that asked me to. And if Teddy or anyone else doesn't back out of my face when asked to the virus would be the least of his worries. Mind you I have always been that way I don't care for people getting too close to me you can speak to me out of arms reach. Al
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