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  1. CCP Bioweapon, BLM/AntiFa rampages, Migration, Oil Pipeline cancellation, Media, morons, VoteFraud, Election Theft, Great Reset, Theft from future generations to fund nebulous beneficiaries with lion's share of $timilu$ $$$$$$$, Covid Lockdowns, Critical Race Theory curriculum in Schools, Media reporting, Military & Government, Small Businesses shut under pain of incarceration, multiple false flag panic reports, Gun Control drivel, never before seen limits on personal Liberty... These jackass fuckers are the new nazi party.
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  2. I've heard the libs say Trump supporters are no better than Nazi's. I think they missed the history lessons that talked of gun confiscation, personal freedoms removed, silencing of those that disagree... yeah CD... we are closer to Nazi state like state than we've ever been
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  3. Pretty amazing how President Trump's lies are turning into facts... but let's not talk about that...
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  4. Not one fucking word. I did see stuff on the Canadian Broadcasting System though. They lost a lot of boys that day too.
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