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    Most CO VID 19 deaths are due to organ failure arising from hypoxemia which is a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, and Hypoxia ~ a lack of oxygen in tissues. So to answer your question we must say the death totals you hear about may be CoVid related but the real killer is pneumonia, hypoxia & hypoxemia where the decedent even on a ventilator can pass away due to lack of oxygen or good old fresh air. Yet mortality rates are still around .01% and over 40 million people have been tested here. The shutdown 'cure' has always been a calculated over-reaction, a knee jerk reaction planned ahead to revoke freedoms, impose economic chaos, double the deficit & further enslave the future generations of all ~ especially the hard working people of this Sovereign Nation. Fresh Statist governor's edicts include $500 fines for leaving your house with no mask on... So riding the bike down the road or doing yard work or walking the dog with no face covering mask is now subject to the $500 fine & or jail time to be determined in court if the fine is contested. They dare us to rebel daily as the restrictions are ratcheted up those in like Red China or North Korea. Yep make everyone stay home to keep us safe... what a sick joke, and yet folks like you who go along with it without a qualm & point fingers & report those who excercise their God given rights to life, liberty & the individual pursuit of happiness ~ you have vacated and abandoned your own grip that we all need to maintain on our Sovereignty. I believe Stu is correct ~ it is a social experiment to see how far to push & how much freedom can be ruined & how much liberty can be eliminated thru arbitrary edicts put forth by Marxist haters of our Constitutional Republic.
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