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    C’mon Robin... The loss of life is growing exponentially... if you start with a falsehood the rest of what you say is meaningless... The death rate has been declining since early June even though the number of cases has risen considerably with the considerable increase in testing. We are in mid July so the lag from infection to death has passed... and deaths are still declining... we are being played... Some fall for it, when convenient... the espouse wearing a mask, unless they want to go to dinner or out for drinks. Then it’s ok to not wear a mask. Either it is or isn’t a must to wear one... I choose isn’t.
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    Yessir one can rationalize it which ever way one wants. The cold hard facts are that loss of life is approaching 140K and growing exponentially. Not to mention the unforeseen lingering side effects that are just coming to be noticed. Also factual evidence that masking and distancing do work even though the moron occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave says that's enough, open her back up. See where that got it. But wait, there's more. This schitt is just going to magically disappear, according to the same moron who has no credentials what so ever to be spouting opinions on the subject. How many people have died from those conditions you posted up there. Facts now, don't make up schitt like the donald does every time he opens his mouth.
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    As it says in my signature, stupidity is a condition, an inability to learn and ignorance is a choice. Then there's the joke from the stand up comedians, "Here's your sign"------YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID. Intelligent folks who choose to ignore facts could certainly be assessed as stupid. Maybe they are, maybe they ain't. But here's a new corollary; If all of the deniers of the covid-19 pandemic keep avoiding wearing masks and do not observe social distancing the problem could fix itself. Stupid could be fixed if they are all gone. Thin those folks right out of the gene pool.
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