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    I recommend upping your dosage. Pace your self. You have four more years
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    Until this scamdemic almost everyone was benefitting economically, there are now peace accords between Israel and Muslim counties in the Middle East, NATO countries are paying their fair share, we're no longer funding terrorist regimes, out of the Paris climate deal where we got to pay China and Russia to continue polluting while we are reducing our own emissions, got rid of Biden crime bill and released non violent offenders... and so many more accomplishments the liberal media won't talk about and liberals won't accept. Then there allow Joe's accomplishments. I'll list them here, Crime bill, Trying to reduce Social Security, Medicare and Veterans benefits multiple times. Ukraineing corruption making Hunter, and maybe Joe a ton. China... same.. And his claim that his taxes have been reviewed and shown signs... right, like they'd be stupid enough to show it there. So, if you're happy with a corrupt politician who has done very little good in nearly 50, you're voting for the right guy.
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    "If he wins it will be a tragedy and a travesty to our democracy. The rich will become sickening more rich, the less fortunate will become more down trodden & impoverished. Our country would become more divisive - more divisive than he has already made it. " C'mon man ! Thats Malarkey ! I cannot name one thing the Demidiot politicians have done in the past 4 years for the American people. All this division and anarchy stems from them.
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    Alla you trumpchump fukkers are delusional........... And are gonna be singing a different tune soon............. I won't come around and say I told ya so though........ Just gonna enjoy the next four years without having to listen to that lying POS "the donald".
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    Just kinda good to see some different topics showing up instead of all the crepe paper with which CD99 keeps clogging up the board. Headlight question, sidecar question, somebody trying to sell T-shirts, some newb with an ought-two............................. Pete and Big Al discussing rock bands............................ Nice for a change.......................
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    That was, I'll admit, an admirable come back. 😃
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    But Joe said it's not true. And Hillary didn't delete any emails. All conspiracy theories...
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    Could be a bad tire as well.
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    I think you are mistaken , we did get rid that scumbag on Jan 20 , 2017. President Trump has been making America great again since we got rid of Barry
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    XV62, only way Dopey Joe can win this is for the Demidiots to steal it. Like they will in NJ. We are NOT allowed to vote in person, no where ,nada, zilch. Mail in only. We can do everything else in person, just not vote. What a crock of sh&t.
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    Disagree there AP. Two more weeks and then coupla months of lame duck, lame ass whining and then we will be rid of the criminal impersonating a president.
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    I'm guessing Jeffrey Toobin is sleeping on the couch for the next couple of weeks? 🤣🤪
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    This cheap lying denigrating piece of donkey cock foreskin Supreme Leader should be gang raped up his ass when he's finally removed from office. Unfortunately, the low life miserable assemblage of wasted atoms and molecules will dutifully resign, Pence will become President and pardon the low life fucking piece of scum.
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    What's unique about your Chief? And this thread is worthless without pics!
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    I have seen some posts that are looking for some Indian Production Numbers and thought I would chime in... As some of you may know, I have owned an Indian Dealership for three generations of owners. I also was a Director during a spell at Kings Mountain and was tasked with various duties. I have also been collecting Indian Motorcycles for over 30 years. During my adventure and because I am obsessed with this brand much like many of you, I save things... Lot's of things. I may hate myself by opening this door due to the constraints on my time, but I would be willing to share some specific data with the fellows that own Gilroy bikes. I have the VIN, original owner and specific information about every bike built from 1999 to 2002. If you have a Silver Cloud, I can and will confirm that along with any of the 'special editions'. As we all know what happened in '03, it actually did not happen overnight and record keeping was sloppy to say the least for late '02 and into '03. Below you can see some of the data I have access to. What I will require before providing any data is that you need to share proof of ownership with me and I will supply you with all the data on your bike that I have. Contact me via email only and with a copy of your registration or title. I do not want any personal information like your address, just proof of your VIN and your name associated with it, feel free to block out the rest. Mike and various members of TC and I have talked about providing this information to paying members only, but I think it is time to pull the trigger on this for all Gilroy 'victims' if you are interested. You owe me nothing in return, your friendship and fellowship through the years is my compensation. Thank you. Here is some of the data for the second and third eras (sort of) of our brand: Gilroy Production Numbers Special Models Millennium Chief 252 Silver Cloud Chief 227 Centennial Chief 364 Centennial Scout 215 Neiman Marcus Chief 40 911 Spirit - w/Flag 70 T-3 52 Vintage Chief 655 Total Gilroy Production 1999 1109 2000 3616 2001 3856 2002 3278 2003 3900-4000 Estimated Kings Mountain Production 2009 460 2010 340 2011 109 2012 * 140 2013 * 85 Total LE Chiefs 35 FE Chiefs 25 Other 25 * Kings Mountain Designed and Polaris Built Mark@IndianMotorcycleCharlotte.com
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    An IV of bleach and a UV up his ass will surely get rid of it. Why count on miracle drugs from God?
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    These drugs, you know, they're like a miracle from God. What a complete mind fucking idiot he is.
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    Seems like our pathetic butt fucking supreme leader has caught himself a case of the nasties. Oh gosh, oh what a shame. Everything's going to be fine, we have this licked, it'll be gone by Easter - hopefully he'll be gone before next Easter.
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    Talk like that will get you threw out of some bars around here...
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