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    To most , tomorrow is part of a long weekend, maybe the start of summer and a BBQ... this weekend families across America will visit stark headstones and will be sitting down without a member of the family present . This weekend when you pour a glass of whiskey, gaze out over the water or feel the wind on the road , give a silent note of thanks for all of those that have the ultimate for America and Freedom we enjoy , this weekend enjoy America and your families and friends for them . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    Good to be back with the fine gentlemen. Doc I covered up all openings on the Injun when I put it away. Just pulled the cover off today , still on the tender may try and get it out for the first time this week. Supposed to be cold and raining until the weekend hope you all are well and not subjected to unconstitutional orders
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    Ya know if the chop the head off a snake, the rest of snake dies off. Just sayin
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    Follow the money trail, it will lead to NGOs that are funding & co-ordinating the airline & bus rides mobilizing these useless idiot Antifa & BLM agitators & arsonists.
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    Let’s see... Bogus Russian collusion. FAIL Impeachment scam. FAIL COVID shutdown. FAIL Lets go back to the basics, stir up civil interest with useful idiots across America
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    Sure, but the Guard is already on the scene in certain cities notably Minneapolis/St Paul. Scoop 'em up along with the billionaires, academians, NGOs & politicians bankrolling this insurrection & transport 'em all to Gitmo for expedited trial by military tribunals as enemy combatants.
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    Soros, Obama & TopDank Staters are popping open the champagne
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    I haven't smoked that shit since I was a little boy. I do smoke Cohiba's whilst mowing though.
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    Snowing up here
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    These here days are what we have left to us... Holding on to the Chief's grips till that bitter end over here.
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    Hey, Doc. Us old farts just won't quit will we? Remembering back to when I first joined this forum, you are the only member I can recall that was already there. I will tip a glass today to those members no longer present that were going strong when I created my user id. Those were the days.
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    It's nice they didn't publish your name, Pete...
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    'Quarantine' is when you restrict the movement of sick people. 'Tyranny' is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.
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    I get that the C Rider guy got home & parked the bike after the hi-speed escape, still I wonder if the government broke into the guy's garage without a warrant before The Riders "were charged Sunday with obstruction of governmental administration for allegedly interfering with the loading of the motorcycle onto a flatbed truck." Rider won the race but was D/Qued do to outside influences who had bet against his right to race. There was an accident, maybe a hit & run, (who knows the facts there?) a chase & get away, the rider made it home through a field but the cops sent a flatbed to take the motorcycle to the impound yard. Why did the perp leave the scene of the first accident? No license? Intoxicated? Refused Medical treatment & simply left? Whoever wrote this article left way more facts out of the story than those facts that were presented.
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    So.... you can have the virus and have no symptoms, OR you can have all the symptoms and not have the virus. Thus you can be sick but not have the virus, or not sick and have the virus. OR you can be sick and have the virus and not sick and not have the virus, unless you do. Is that correct?
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    Hey Dusty, You found your way over here again... Good to have you back Hope you did a good job & kept the ratz outta that tailpipe this year!
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    VE day, Pres. Trump lays a wreath at Tomb of the Unkown. Remember when the Kenyan did that? Yeah, me neither.
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    me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
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    Burton Cummings had one of the best voices in Rock. Nobody could scream like Roger Daltry or Jim Morrison though.
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    A couple of weeks ago, I went to my medical clinic for chemotherapy. Rather than lie to them, I told them that I had a cough. I was refused entrance to the building and told I must take a Covid-19 test. I was told to quarantine until the results came back. I told them that I couldn't as I had dialysis the following afternoon. The medical clinic informed my dialysis clinic which decided that, without waiting for the results for the test, to send me to the clinic of where they're sending patients who have tested positive for Covid-19. They were going to expose me to Covid-19 even though, as it turned out, I didn't have it. When my nephrologist heard this, he immediately cancelled the transfer. Good thing as I was a phone call away from involving my lawyer in the situation. As I mentioned previously, my Covid-19 test came back negative. The medical clinic rescheduled the chemo for the following Thursday. When I got there, I, once again, truthfully told them that I was now short of breath. Once again, I was refused entrance to the building. They couldn't use the Covid-19 excuse as I had tested negative the previous week. So, they subjected me to an EKG, a chest x-ray, a ct scan and a blood draw. The result of all these tests was to tell me I might have lung cancer and reroute me to the hospital. Once again. no chemo. I don't have lung cancer. A ct scan from 2 years ago shows the same enlarged lymph nodes that got them worried this time. Back then, I had a PET scan which is a test for cancer and it came back negative. I went to the ER and was sugjected to my second Covid-19 test in a week. It was also negative. I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia which is something I get maybe once a year. Antibiotics quickly took care of that. The lung doctor, noting the similarity of the ct scans was satisfied that I didn't have lung cancer. He did, however, recommend a biopsy of a swollen lymph node in my neck which was fine by me as I've never had a lymph node biopsy and would like to know why they're swollen. I was asked to spend two more days in the hospital to wean me off blood thinners so I could have the procedure without having to come back for it. I agreed to this as coming back would entail yet another Covid-19 test. Even so, when they moved me from my current hospital room to a new one, I had to undergo another Covid-19 test, my third in a week and a half. Also negative. This, of course, is in addition to swabs for MRSA which I had years ago. But, it never disappears from your hospital record. The nurses all have to put silly yellow gowns on before entering my room. But, having had MRSA all those many years ago, still guarantees me a private room so I can't complain. Yesterday, I had my biopsy. It was a complete waste of time as my blood was still too thin and all the samples got inundated with blood and were useless. I was told I would have to come back on Tuesday anyway for a redo. Plus, after all that, even though I was just discharged last night, I have to go back today for, you guessed it, a Covid-19 test. My fourth in two weeks. Plus, the discharge doctor told me, after all that, to have another PET scan done anyway, just to be sure. I wonder if yet another Covid-19 test is is my future. By the way, I still haven't received chemo. I wonder how many people are dying from these Covid-19 policies. More than a few, I'm guessing.
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