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    Canada is 100 feet from my house. I got an 18 foot old town canoe aptly provisioned and a Polaris Ranger similarly apportioned and 500 miles of wilderness trails across the road When I pull into driveway clock in truck switches to Atlantic standard Time and us cellular texts me I will charged for international calls. The only home I can see is in New Brunswick and a light house to my left. I have had Lyme disease, cancer, hep c and am insulin dependent. I will go away if I catch this shit. Call me reactionary, I don’t give a fuck. I bought the place with this scenario in mind and and am quite prepared. I have a S&W M&P ar 10 with a 3.0 trijicon scope which I can shoot fly shit out of pepper at 500 yards as well as many other things in place.i can see a mile down the beach. They made me go in their army, and I learned well.I have a defensible perimeter and I figure if I have to make a stand it’s as good as anywhere.got a generac and 300 gallons of propane. And 4 months of food.Best case scenario I get some firewood cut and finish some remodeling and come back to Carolina in the fall. Oh did I mention I’m really pissed off about no baseball ?
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    Hiding from the public because he doesn't know how to do his job. Afterfour(Rick)
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    UPDATE: Four weeks from the day of my full knee replacement surgery and after twice a week physical therapy sessions that started the week after surgery, continued daily physical therapy exercises at home, and getting the flexibility in my surgical knee up from 88º the day after surgery to 120º . . . I got the ok from the surgeon to return to "normal activities." Apparently, I have to wait a little longer to return to abnormal activities. Next visit with the surgeon is in another eight weeks.The weather hasn't been good enough to ride this last week, but I've been practicing getting the kickstand up and down and can do so with no problem as well as get into either the driver side or the passenger side of our cars (Ford Escape & Ford Edge) without turning myself in to human origami. I've been doing scar message to reduce the puckering above my patella and the scar looks pretty good! It compliments my three lung surgery scars which to the uninformed look like knife fight wounds.Thanks for all the kind words and advice . . . nice to return to "almost normal" within just a month (plus) of surgery. It's still a challenge navigating stairs and long walks as my quads are screaming at me! Now just to avoid getting COVID-19 here in western Washington!!!TR
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    New toy to keep scavengers away from stealing my toilet paper............................ 41 round capacity..................
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    But, truly the best is the reason he himself elected to pick Easter to open up the economy and get things back together:
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    " Common sense comes last. If you get a cold or the flu, you’ve run down your immune system. Overwork, overeating, lifestyle, etc. The only way that can resolve is to support the immune system. How? Rest, hydration, detox, stop working, get adjusted. Then your own body will cure you. There are no drugs or vaccines that cure viral illnesses, no matter what you read in everyday media or wikigooglepedia. So here’s what’s going to happen. Same thing that always happens. Nothing. As soon as the vaccine is fully funded, the whole coronavirus “epidemic” will vanish from our radar and we’ll never hear of it again. How do we know that? Because the same thing just happened 10 times since 2002 with all the other Boutique Epidemics. It’s a proven business model, and it works. Generates billions every time – they can resist anything but temptation.. Once that happens, bank tellers will stop wearing masks, and you won’t have to wash your hands before you pump gas any more. Just watch! Why doesn’t everybody notice this recurrent pattern? With all the vital issues we have to worry about in the world today, coronavirus certainly isn’t one of them." 'For those addicted to the everyday Kool-Aid of tabloid media at CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, Yahoo News, etc. you’re in for a big surprise... Don’t have to be much of a fortuneteller to see all the usual signs falling into place: The fading of the illness despite desperate attempts to keep it alive. The lack of legitimate testing proving patients actually all have the same disease The recent funding, which always signals the end of any Boutique Epidemic ($8B) So what was this all about – what was the objective from the outset? Was it merely the $8.3 billion pork barrel for local, state and federal employees to squabble over? With media’s increasing stranglehold and censorship of oppo information now in place, this particular Boutique Epidemic got a little carried away and had an excessive effect on the stock market, travel, group gatherings and international trade. Which has not yet corrected. But all that will eventually normalize, as soon as the politics resolves itself. So stop worrying about it, exercise, bu8ld up your immune system. Keep watching for the bottom of the market, and then go about your business. Stop listening to science fiction stories about how bad it could get, etc. written by those who lack apposable thumbs.. Or about how it’s the President’s fault for not doing this or that, etc.' 'Never let a crisis go to waste ~ use it to promote your agenda every time.'
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    Oh, indeed. A fucking chiropractor is going to explain just how to wipe out the coronavirus. This shit really makes my blood boil. I reviewed some of what he said before I completely puked all over my desk. What a Class A1 fucking moron.
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    I'm awaiting a call from the government instructing me (and anyone over the age of 67) to proceed to the nearest hospital for euthanasia. Apparently, we're at the highest risk and this will reduce the total number of future cases so as not to cause a larger outbreak. 🤬
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    That's a classic John Ferguson and Tim Horton Afterfour(Rick)
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    We're a bit jittery here . . . we stay away from crowds, wash our hands, avoid people our own age, we've even sacrificed a couple of chickens in the backyard. The deaths here seem to be concentrated in an elderly health care facility but because it's a virus with no protective vaccine it's bound to spread. They might as well call it "Boomer Flu"!
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    Good to hear things are moving forward swiftly and properly! And...you've always been abnormal in my book. 😁
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    Found the old 4F Draft Card in a stack of papers a while ago. Still pay a heavy price for it every day. But, nothing compared to those who went. My own little war raged in one of my fathers' factories at that time. me ride um centennial [MRUC]
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