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  3. From out of the mothballed Obummer closet comes a re-invigorated NASA
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  5. please disregard my message about resetting my password.  

  6. Transport a 10 foot cryogenic box to Antarctica Take a nap with your Cent and wake up when they fix the damn roads.
  7. Hey Joey it’s not April 1st. That’s fucked up to say your selling something and then do the “hahaha” I was only fooling. Shame on you.
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  9. Danny f wants to meet u in yer garage tonite at 11:30.
  10. Or.................raise the price. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  11. "So does that mean you will take 5K for your bike?? Windshield, bags etc ?..." BTW. It's an extra never used 2001 Indian windshield still new in the box. Also, I would include a lot more extras than those mentioned above. Too many to put here. But, has to be 5K cash. This is a limited time offer.... won't last long before I change my mind and decide to keep the Centennial. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  12. My great preference would be to buy a new Scout with sidecar and keep the Centennial too. O yeh I'd also prefer a friendly reliable Indian dealership within reasonable reach on the Scout. None of that is gonna happin including getting between 5 and 10K for the Cent. So looks like I get to keep the Cent. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  13. hmmmm. That's a year I don't have...Have to check my garage.
  14. So does that mean you will take 5K for your bike?? Windshield, bags etc ?
  15. You’re selling your BIKE? One of the Weirdest 2020 things I’ve seen. BTW, it’s really good to see some MOTORCYCLE discussions on this motorcycle webpage.
  16. O yeh. Tires r brand new 888's. Metz or Conti's I think. Peace out.
  17. above post probly belongs in Marketing section. Others will probably chime in on this too.
  18. Between 5K to 10K offer (in as is condition) for well maintained 19 year old Indian IMCOA machine (true Limited Edition with Factory issued Certificate of Authenticity) doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Show me the money. ORIGINAL OWNER. BTW I'm not expecting a transaction but.....hey surprise me. Here's a recent pix of my 2001 (Centennial Chief LE 0091/2001) bike...with brand new Michelin tires shown below. Includes complete and extensive maintenance history paper work etc. Shown below without extras. All recent work and upgrades/updates [carb rebuild, fuel lines, LEDs, etc. performed by Lawrence B. at Sideways Cycles in Corona californi. Sideways Cycles: Corona California, USA 92880...... View on Yelp and facebook TeL. 951 736-5796---------Best number for the Shop TeL. 949 378-9658 By Lawrence Browne Also, see Centennial Chief LE 0091/2001 in https://www.indianmotorcyclecommunity.com/topic/33742-got-centennial/ Others will probably chime in on this too. Indian Joey me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  19. I just saw one sell on Facebook for 5 grand. It was silver and purple. Running and with all kinds of accessories. They are our there. Al
  20. He's obviously looking to buy one from one of the lot that bought these, garaged them, and let them get covered in dust like the treadmill in the corner of their garage and not someone who's been riding it since 99. There are some out there but I doubt they're on this forum. Good luck in the search.
  21. WOW, " Not paying more $5 k"................ that is sad that you do not place more value in these than that. We whom own them and have invested in them money and time would not part with a good dependable Gilroy Chief for that. With all the upgrades (starters, ignition systems, 6 DDT, and such) 5K is a give away. Personally if you offered me 5K for my 99 Chief you would see a look of shock on my face, then a look if insult! At this time I would say that most owners of 1999-2000 Chief owners out right own the bike and have no need to sell it so your offer for a dependable rider at 5K is not enough to even make most of us (hope that I am not speaking out of turn here) take you serious. Now for 5K I do have a complete set of 1999 tins totally ready for paint that I might let go, you could buy a cheap "everyone has one" Harley and be able to create you a clone bike. My 1999 is slicker than it was new in 1999, all the Indian factory add on parts that I could get as well as a 6 speed DDT so not meaning to sound rude but again I would say on this forum 1999 - 2000 Chief owners wont even take this serious. My 1999 Indian Chief is priceless to me, I own 5 Indians all together and that 1999 has more value to me than any of them. At this point the 1999 Chief owners are hard core owners who have no desire to sell................. and I am sure that you have looked around and that is why you are here making an offer, no one truly wants to sell them! Like they say, "if you got to ask how much then you afford it". Just come prepared to pay at least 5X your offer and we may have a point to start at!....... but I would have to say I doubt it.
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