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  3. The fraudulent administration is releasing 50 million barrels out of the US strategic reserve to “combat high fuel prices”. Expect Russia to hit the Ukraine and the Commie Chinks to hit Taiwan soon. This will give the criminals in DC an excuse to stand down on making a decision to engage watch Iran and it’s sights on Israel Good thing the clueless idiots that voted for this won’t have to read mean tweets
  4. Charlie was one of a kind, he was Indian through and through. Although he liked to appear gruff, He visited Walter Reed hospital to bring motorcycle t-shirts to the young guys wounded there.RIP Charlie.Please sign his guestbook. I'm sure Sherry would appreciate it. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/carrollcountytimes/name/charles-kelly-obituary?pid=200668290&utm_source=MarketingCloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GBNewEntryApproved_PowerInbox_Neustar_081021&utm_content=View+Guest+Book&sfmc_id=189862397&env=11f45a4a6570851ce740a9b30059239ab68e88b0
  5. Nonstop conniving treacherous MSM rubbish reporting. Responsible journalists are just about extinct.
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  7. MSM is unintelligent even stupid, incapable of enlightenment. Hopelessly trapped inside their own self-polluting shart-bubble.
  8. The kid took out three felons , I’d send him back out tonight
  9. One of the originals and old-timers for sure.
  10. That was great news. They were definitely going to do harm to Kyle Rittenhouse. He had to defend himself
  11. Mob rule will not trump our 'self-evident' individual 'R'ights. Despite all the false reporting, false labeling & trial by media. KR will be suing all the defamers including bigtime media giants. Here's another future 17 year old billionaire created by the left.
  12. 45 years after, we experience a repeat of universal disinformation health propaganda...
  13. Give this presentation a watch & compare to the vapid Fauci sound bites we endure...
  14. There is so little scientific content to the CCP FLU media/government-generated fear porn... The FDA has requested a 55 year postponement of listing of 'vaccine' ingredients. What on earth are 'they' hiding? You are not allowed to know, period. Here is some science that presents real info:
  15. I'm missing the big guy already, remembering the Brotherhood. Friends here and Facebook, Kelly is one of a kind Indian Man. Heartfelt condolences for Sherry & family.
  16. Met ckelly at if I remember correctly, the second Ride to the Barn. Def quite the colorful character!! RIP Charles!!
  17. CK was definitely a character and fun to be around. He'll be missed but Lord knows he's raising cane up there now!
  18. Just got word that Charles has passed away. Sad day he was a character for sure and will be missed by those who knew him. R.I.P. Charles. Al
  19. Brandon Administration is chock full of Commie Wannabe Oligarch-Useful Idiots. There is no diversity of opinion amoung these clowns. Obamanians rule through a doddering senile former KKK dude. FBO/FJB Never elect another damn demOCrat Let's Go Brandon!
  20. The Marxist frauds aren’t even trying to hide it anymore … Biden’s Marxist currency nominee Saule Omarova said that all private bank accounts should be taken over and controlled by the Federal Reserve I hope the stupid Jack offs that voted for this will be the first to hand over their finances for the good of the people
  21. Man of Numbers - Praxis Max Was born to rearrange the facts He made it his design To Go between the lines And Experiments in phantom math Could scramble up his upper half Then formulas on high Could set it back awry And his bride - cried As she opened up the door to the attic For inside - SURPRISE! “I’m married to a Psycho-somatic” In the bright light - All Their Eyes Were Gone! In the bright light - All Their Eyes Were Gone! Quite a right plight - she couldn’t put it out of her sight And so Max set ‘em
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