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  2. On a happier note, Gov. Abbot signed HB1927 into law, making Texas the 21st state with Constitutional Carry. 😁😁 Goes into effect 1 September.
  3. Sometimes it's politics, sometimes it's comedy, often it's both...😆
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  5. Hi Jeff 

    Are you still active on this board ?




  6. Hi Mark I’m looking for some information on the 2002 Terminator Chiefs are you still active on this forum ? Thanks Mike
  7. That’s back on first pedo joe said. “White extremists are the biggest threat to America” the Hunter said the “N word” and now “climate change is the biggest threat to America “ they just pushed Merrit garland on it , however they are also working on a system where you can turn in family friends and neighbors suspected of extremism ( that means anyone that questions the stolen elections or places America First).
  8. I ain't hard to find. Plus in this wheelchair, I can't run very fast.
  9. You all are in deep shit now. With the exception of the clueless idiots that actually voted for this disaster . For most of you AG Garland says the biggest threat to America are white extremists, meaning anyone that supports President Trump or dare question the fraudulent election.
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  11. The clueless demented asshole will be meeting with a former KGB intelligence officer tomorrow. we would be better off sending corn pop
  12. The only people that dumber then traitor Joe are the clueless idiots that did actually vote for him
  13. Bill Maher nailed the problem with liberals... Google Bill Maher Progressophobia... Some liberals think they aren't to blame for limiting free speech ( of those with a different views), or books being removed from publication ( Dr. Seuss ) or history being erased, our cities being destroyed... you allow this, our media supports it, you are pathetic. You are the blame for all this shit.
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  15. This clueless demented idiot should get even one term , he is fraudulent, placed into office by a rigged election. even with the number of complete dumb fucks that actually did bite for him there is no way he scored 80 million votes.
  16. I saw that this morning. He's an asshat. Hope he's just a one term asshat.
  17. I hope nobody has is or has a family member that requires insulin , the commiecrats are ending President Trumps discounted program fro insulin. It’s a good thing the assholes don’t have to hear about mean tweets though
  18. I forgot to mention a few of other equally stupid over reaches by the FEDS... HR1 which rips the State's control of election regulation and transfers those powers to the Federal level. Federal funding of abortion on demand to fill the coffers of Planned Parenthood's stem cell sales derived from the body tissues of aborted fetuses ~ the more developed late trimester victims being the most lucrative which is why many blue states have extended legal killing of babies to include the most lucrative viable late term harvested infants.
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