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  2. Ya know if the chop the head off a snake, the rest of snake dies off. Just sayin
  3. As an old Forum guy once said, ' F'em n feed em beans.' me ride um Centennial [MRUC] Edit:
  4. The commie scum in the video is one of Soros team of specialist. He is paying the useful idiots and directing them to action
  5. Follow the money trail, it will lead to NGOs that are funding & co-ordinating the airline & bus rides mobilizing these useless idiot Antifa & BLM agitators & arsonists.
  6. Let’s see... Bogus Russian collusion. FAIL Impeachment scam. FAIL COVID shutdown. FAIL Lets go back to the basics, stir up civil interest with useful idiots across America
  7. Sure, but the Guard is already on the scene in certain cities notably Minneapolis/St Paul. Scoop 'em up along with the billionaires, academians, NGOs & politicians bankrolling this insurrection & transport 'em all to Gitmo for expedited trial by military tribunals as enemy combatants.
  8. Shut this nonsense down Send in Nat Guard. This is unlawful assembly with intent to riot. Inform these animals that you do not engage the troops.You do not taunt the troops. You better avoid the troops.
  9. Is there an active group in L A? I mean with all Indian years. Seems like this group has died.
  10. Soros, Obama & TopDank Staters are popping open the champagne
  11. Legal all across Canada more stores then there are McDonalds or 7/11s Afterfour(Rick)
  12. Earlier
  13. Hey Mike, Sorry to see they dropped the ball on your care. Maintaining health can become a lifelong science experiment. Hold onto good quality care where you find it. https://www.herballegacy.com/Anemia.html https://www.herballegacy.com/Ailments_&_Programs.html#Ailments I use the above site as reference to the methods of past health practitioners prior to the advent of miracle drugs of present day modalities. Hope you can rebuild your vitality and enjoyment of life.
  14. Just found out yesterday that, while everyone was busy making sure that I didn't have Covid-19, nobody noticed that my hemoglobin had dropped dangerously low. Now they want me to go back to the hospital and get a transfusion. I've never had one and I hope to never have one so I held out for plan B. I received a large injection of epogen, a red blood cell growth stimulator. But, I agreed that, if my hemoglobin continues to drop, that I would go to the ER and get the dreaded transfusion. Fingers crossed. It would never have come to this if people had been doing their jobs.
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