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  2. Thankfully we no longer have to pretend there is a Mr or Mrs Potatohead. Now thanks to this new movement we can call them by their chosen pronoun. We can follow the science and call them by any of the infinite number of genders they may associate with. This is the kind of shit you support with the progressive left. Are you happy yet?
  3. Hey Stu, did you know the Dr. Suess was from Springfield, Mass as was the original Indian Motorcycle? Collections of both are at the Springfield Museum.
  4. Those guys butts probably don’t hurt anymore since President Trumps America First agenda is now America last
  5. Whoa... he just deleted The Cat in the Hat from Read Across America... Still waiting on the good thing..
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  7. Well at least gas prices aren't going up, there aren't any kids in cages, and everyone knows which bathroom to use. Still waiting on the long list of good things the new guy has done.
  8. Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:26 PM Subject: Fw: There Are None So Blind As Those Who Refuse to See T A Must Read Sent from my iPad Bernie Begin forwarded message: There Are None So Blind As Those Who Refuse to See By E.P. Unum February 19, 2021 Some Thoughts for the Day > Not one politician has died from the virus, lost their job, had their business or home looted, missed a haircut, worried about where their next paycheck was coming from, or wears a mask (unless on camera.) I don’t know, but it sure feels like we are being played.
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  10. Cultural appreciation or cultural appropriation? Depends on your point of view doesn't it? Back door reparations sneaking through the cracks... equity is new buzzword.
  11. Saw this on the news today... illegals can come in, although we aren't supposed to call them illegal anymore, but we can't leave. Yep, only non-essential travel allowed into Canada and Mexico. Still waiting on the good thing this dipshit has done. A lot of crickets from the Trump haters.
  12. You are correct on all points. The democrats do not adhere to the Constitution, they are only focused on power and domination. They are complacent with the globalist agenda, that means UN rule and government overreach . They cannot rule if there is capitalism ( freedom) they cannot rule with a string middle class (freedom ) and they can NOT proceed with their agenda with an armed populace, disarming America had already been the goal , essential if you plan to subjugate a population. that damn piece of paper is a problem and they can only try to delegitimize the 2A. They went all in whe
  13. I really don’t understand why the words ... “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed “ Is so damn hard to understand. Asking someone to show a photo ID to vote is an unreasonable burden but any burden placed on gun ownership is just fine...
  14. http://www.midnightwolf.org/images/whatever/smoking_chipmunk.jpg
  15. Hey , pedo Joe just cancelled sanctions on Iran that President Trump imposed on the vermin , this comes 3 days after they launched a rocket attack on the US Embassy in Iraq and killed a defense contractor. Just another idiotic move by the lefties. Good thing the orange man is not tweeting ,
  16. Check out house bill 127. Here's a link -> https://www.nraila.org/articles/20210211/hr-127-a-bill-designed-to-express-hostility-toward-law-abiding-gun-owners This is your democratic parties agenda. If it gets to Biden you can bet your ass he'll sign it.
  17. https://davejanda.com/operation-freedom-briefing-february-16-2021/ K
  18. America has been taken over without a shit being fired . The election was stolen and potato was placed in the White House to continue Obuttholes third term at the bidding of the globalists and the CCP. The Sheeple are going about their mundane lives happy that the meany Donald Trump is not out tweeting while their freedoms are being stripped and America is being weakened and destroyed. You can’t fix stupid
  19. wONDER WHY Obiden HASN'T TRADED OUT THE Guard troops for United Nations blue helmet 'peacekeepers' yet? They hide behind the troops & razor wire while deconstructing America with each executive order. 'Only a dictator uses executive orders' ~ Really?
  20. So come to find out Mr. Biden only opposes pipelines where it helps America. Apparently they're ok in Afghanistan. You know, where the Taliban might benefit. This guys awesome. Still waiting on the list, or even the first, good thing he's done for us.
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