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  3. Talking about Idiots? Yes. Useful? Not even. The useful idiots are 1st to go down after a commie takeover... there are many ways to skin an idiot. Take that mask off Refuse the jab ********************************
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  5. https://wethepeopleazalliance.com/ Go there & check it out Watch the video in the prior post for attitude check.
  6. We The People AZ Alliance Co founders Steve Robinson and Shelby Busch at the Arizona State Capital on 1/06/21.
  7. The Alliance grows by leaps & bounds: https://rumble.com/vh0a5x-arizona-today-interview-with-shelby-busch-az-alliance.html New Intellectual Froglegs: White Hats https://intellectualfroglegs.com/white-hats/ https://rumble.com/vgykrd-white-hats-new-intellectual-froglegs.html
  8. AN HONEST ELECTION — 1. Deleted databases 2. No chain of custody 3. Nobody knows the admin password 4. Election officials panicking 5. Huge amounts of digitally adjudicated ballots 6. Not allowed to look at the router 7. Router shared with at least 50 other networks 8. Election run by a private vendor 9. A hundred lawyers defending election officials 10. Soros’ Sheriff running interference 11. Ignored subpoenas 12. Missing ballots 13. Hammer and scorecard? 14. Secretary of state taking campaign gifts from foreign countries 15. County voter files hacked then cov
  9. Man I sure chould go for a mean tweet and $1.79 a gallon gas about now. how bout you ?
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  11. https://bangordailynews.com/2021/05/04/news/penobscot/canadian-man-arrested-after-allegedly-crossing-border-checkpoint-and-leading-police-on-high-speed-chase-into-millinocket/
  12. The commiecrats will not allow Rolling Thunder this year. I guess when you steal an election you can’t have thousands of bike riding Patriots too close. but hey the idiots that won’t have to hear tweets from that mean old Trump
  13. https://www.totalmotorcycle.com/inspiration-friday-motogp-extreme-bagger-racing/
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