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The Squaw Magnet in Dawson City



Made it to Dawson City, YT today. Weather was great, in the 80's. The road, however, was the worst I've been on so far. A number of stretches of loose gravel, some up to 10 miles long. Lots of washboard bumps as well. It was about a 350 mile ride from Whitehorse and I'm pooped. Could be here for awhile. At the visitor center they told me that my exit road, The Top of the World Highway, is closed until further notice as a fire crossed it's path this afternoon. I'm not too concerned as I plan to be here until at least Monday and maybe even Tuesday so it should be cleared by then. If I have to be stuck somewhere, Dawson City's a great place for it. Lots of bars, cigars and women. I've already been invited back to the Sourdough Saloon at 9:00 by a cutie who is going to become the newest member of the SourToe club. They actually drop a severed toe into a drink and you have to down the drink all the way up to the toe to become a member. Doubt I'll do it myself but I'll try and get a picture of her doing it.


The Squaw Magnet's clutch seemed to hold up OK today but the throwout bearing is begininng to squeal like a banshee. Hopefully I can make it to Fairbanks and have it looked at there.


Haven't decided yet if I'll stick around for the Summer Solstice party on Monday but everyone I talk to says it's not to be missed. It will mean blowing off my planned trip to Chena Hot Springs but I've been there before anyway. Maybe the road will still be closed on Monday and my decision will be an easy one.


Getting hungry so I'm going to look for a place to eat. Passed up a chance to try Musk Ox yesterday in Whitehorse as I had a Jones on for the halibut. Maybe I'll find it on the menu here today. Talk to you later


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