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The Squaw Magnet in Whitehorse



Made it to Whitehorse, YT this morning. There are fewer than 30,000 people in the Yukon and over 22,000 of them live in Whitehorse. Contrary to the weather I've been experiencing of late, it is in the 90's here today. The Squaw Magnet's been having problems again with both the clutch and the oil leak so I found a place in town, Chilkoot Choppers, that not only had the parts I was looking for, but let me work on the bike myself in his garage and using his tools! Most cool. I decided that the clutch spring isn't strong enough for my setup so I decided to put a stiffer spring on. He had the spring in stock but not a new clutch pack but he ordered one on the spot from his distributor and said he's fed-ex it to me should I need it anywhere along the way. Otherwise, I'll be stopping in Whitehorse again on the way back from Alaska and I can pick it up then. The owner, Dave, offered to let me keep the bike in his shop overnight for protection and is waiting, as I write this, over at one of the downtown bars to buy me the first round. By the way, all bars in the Yukon allow cigar smoking. I could get used to it up here. The cutie who served me lunch told me that the biggest party in the area is on Monday in Dawson City. Seems they celebrate the summer solstice in the land of the midnight sun with a non-stop party. I had originally planned to leave Dawson on Monday but it looks like I might have to spend an extra day. When I do leave Dawson City, I will, finally, after almost three weeks, set foot in Alaska.


Saw my first grizzly bear for this trip upon entering the Yukon yesterday. I turned around to try and get a picture of him but he had other ideas. As I got close, he actually charged me. So much for a photo. I aimed the Squaw Magnet directly at him and charged back. Guess he decided he didn't like the look of things so he turned around and high-tailed it into the woods. Another Kodak moment down the drain.


Liard Hot Springs, on Wednesday, was great. The weather was in the 70's and I managed to get the springs all to myself for about 45 minutes as I went during the dinner hour. Very nice spot.


That's it for now. I might be able to post from Dawson City when I get there. Otherwise, it probably won't be until Fairbanks that I get another chance. Talk to you later.


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