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The Squaw Magnet in Dawson Creek



Made it to Dawson Creek, BC today. Didn’t think I’d be able to post from here but, it rained most of the day and I didn’t feel like pitching my tent in the mud so I took a motel room. Cold and wet for most of today’s ride. I even rode through two short hailstorms and a thunderstorm so dark, I had to depend on the lightening to illuminate the road. Saw some dall sheep and a caribou along the way but not much else as the wildlife has more sense than I do to come out of the rain. Had an event filled ride with Spotted Raven and Timeaftertime yesterday which is detailed in another thread. Once again, my thanks to Spotted Raven for everything he did to make my stay in Calgary an enjoyable one. Glad you were able to get back home under your own steam. The sight of all that shredded belt material popping out when you removed the derby cover was surreal. It was also great to get the chance to ride with Timeaftertime. For me, the time he spent fixing his wiring problem was just an excuse to smoke another Cuban. The Squaw Magnet, knock on wood, ran great. The work I asked Canuck to do on the bike really paid off. I’d gotten new push rods last month when I dropped all my engine oil in Carson City and they were in need of adjustment. I’d pretty much lost fifth gear and my gas mileage was suffering because of it. Now, my mileage is back on track and I can cruise in fifth again. Up here, gas stations are few and far between so I need my engine to be at peak performance.


Dawson Creek is mile 0 on the Alaska Highway. I’ve been on the road now for a week and a half and only today started seeing road signs for Alaska. I still have another week to go before I actually set foot in the state. It’s on to Ft. Nelson tomorrow where I might spend two nights. Ft. Nelson is close to the border of the Northwest Territories which is the only province in Canada I haven’t been to. It’s a day trip on a dirt road to visit so we’ll see if the weather permits the ride. If not, I’ll probably spend an extra day in Dawson City when I get there. Got my first hot springs of the ride on the docket for Wednesday which will be very welcome after all this cold, wet riding.


Gotta go for now. I’m going to take a long, hot shower before heading out for dinner. Talk to you later.


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