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The Squaw Magnet in Calgary - Pt. 3



The following was originally posted by Spotted Raven:


Mike and I departed Calgary this morning and hooked up with Time after Time ( TAT ) and rode to Banff about 200 KM ..TAT had some wiring problems and Mike pulled out his huge stash of tools and after some soldering , fiddling around for about 2 hours and some of TAT's blood got spilled ...the ignition was again functional .. so far we had rode in the rain most of the trip and fixed TAT's scoot in the rain ..the temperture has been somewhat cool .. we were back on the road to Jasper and stopped about half way at Saskachwaan Crossing when my bike started making a chattering sound and I lost first and second gear ..during some debate during lunch we decided to pull off the derby

( using Mikes tools again ) and when we did we found a huge what looked like a mouse nest of fine thread and rubber ..the primary then came off and we found a chunk of flat metal that ate away half my belt width ..a phone call to Canuck and all of us were somewhat baffled ( although Canuck had a hunch and turns out he was right ) ..at any rate we trimmed up the belt or what was left of it cleaned upthe mouse nest and it worked fine .. I couldn't continue to Jasper and opted to turn back to Calgary ( about 350 KM ) with check points with Canuck ..failing to hear from me he would send out the rescue trailer .. I made it back to Calgary ( rain damn near all the way ) and met Canuck at the shop ..turns out it was a bushing that fell out from the starter housing that caused the problem ..and had about a half inch of belt left when I got to Calgary !!!

I just talked to Mike and TAT and Mike is safe and sound in Hinton ( about 50 Km farther than he expected ) for the night and TAT is still in route to Edmonton ..apparently they hit rain on and off the whole way too !!! ..rain in the Mountains is not fun ..it can get very cold very fast ..and can also turn to SNOW !!

Mike , KC said to make sure to say Good Bye and he took your advise and didn't brush his teeth and said the soup tasted just fine ..he's going out tonight with the same two so I don't expect he'll be much good working on his bobber tommorrow !!!

Mike it was a pleasure !!!! ANYTIME !!!

For the rest of the guys following Mikes ride , I figured I'd just give you a quick update ..Mike wasn't sure when he could post next .. but the Squaw Magnet is running great and Mike is on the leg to the Great White North and beyound !!

Oh Yea ..TAT and I figure we gotta get somebody up here with one on those sidecars so we have someone that can pack a garage full of tools and spare parts ..saves a lot on towing bills..


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