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Walking, daydreaming, and the rockstar.



Walking, daydreaming, and the rockstar.


One of the things I’ve noticed about being 40 is that I take pleasure in simple things. I like playing board games and poker with the boys, partying with my close friends, watching my daughters grow up, running my simple little industrial business, riding my Chief, and hanging with my soon to be bride, tina.


One of the simpler things I’ve come to enjoy is my evening walks with the dog. Admittedly, I’m hot and cold on this, but, with the exception of Wednesday night poker with the boys, I have been pretty consistent with it. I’ll give kudos to Tina for this, and she and Danielle have become regular walking buddies which motivated me. I have been invited to walk with them, and I have actually crossed paths with them a few times, and joined them, but to be honest, I really enjoy my alone walk time. I mean no offense to the lovely, lovely ladies Tina & Danielle, whom I adore, but, it seems they talk mostly of hair color and pedicures…not exactly my thing. Plus, I really enjoy bringing my MP3 player, which has a veritable cornucopia of my favorite tunes to listen to. It doesn’t hold as much as I pods, but it’s got hours of listening pleasure for me, and it’s lightweight, and easy to operate.


So, I’m doing my ritual “walking the dog” routine, which gives me time to reflect, think, conjecture, and otherwise ponder many things. It usually starts out with the business, and where it’s going, how to get it there better, etc. then it turns to money issues, of course, and family issues. After all THAT has been thought through, I finally get to treat myself to a little daydreaming!


Yes, I consider day dreaming a treat. In simple terms I’m taking a mind vacation, and the sky is the limit! Never have to worry about costs, booking airfare, getting rooms, etc. because it’s, of course, all in the mind. Like Emily Dickinson wrote about books:




There is no Frigate like a Book

To take us Lands away

Nor any Coursers like a Page

Of prancing Poetry --

This Traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of Toll --

How frugal is the Chariot

That bears the Human soul.




I find that day dreaming is similar…There is no Frigate like a daydream, to take us to far away lands. I love books, but I find that day dreaming can be just as wonderful, and you don’t have to strain your eyes doing it!


Although I’ve day dreamed about a myriad of things, there are three things that are most reoccurring. These are the “What-Ifs” that we all indulge in from time to time, and everybody has their own “What-If” list. I have three:


1. What-if I was a famous actor?


2. What if I was a famous rock star?


3. What if I was a famous writer?


The first what if goes back to my early childhood, doing school plays. I realized I really love the attention, and the applause, and making people laugh, or drawing out emotions. I dig the human element of it all. I have a friend, Molly, that is still active on the stage, and has her own messenger service, and I envy that, because it looks like so much fun. I realize, though, that I’m not as bold as I once was, and I could never be a serious actor starting out at 40. Not going to happen.




Another fantasy was being a rock star. I have always loved music, and have attended more rock concerts than I can count, and” I love the music, and I love to see the crowd, dancing in the isle, and singing out loud…It’s apart, of my rock n roll fantasy…”


Well, you get the idea. Again, I’m 40. I understand I’m just a tad too late to be doing the rock star thing (Damn you rolling stones!).




Finally, there’s the famous writer thing. Many people, especially my literary snob friends (you know who you are, Mark) would roll their eyes and scoff at the idea that I think Stephen King is one of the greatest writers of our time. I have always been captivated by his characters, his story telling, and his stories. Where the hell do you make up a story about a killer car, rabid dogs, or apocalyptical futures, and dimension-hopping heroes? He has become somewhat of a joke to critics, but he has sold millions of his books, and that says something. However, I’m no Stephen King. I don’t think I have the creativity, nor the patience to write a novel. Hey, I can write a goofy short story, but a 500 page book? Who has time, especially when there’s and Indian Chief sitting in the garage?


So, that’s the big three daydreams. I never got to live the dream of the big three…Or maybe I do?


I wish I was a famous actor, but I admit: I do teach classes from time to time, and that does give me my stage fix!


I wish I was a rock star, but when I hang out with my friends, we Karaoke like crazy, and I can actually carry a tune without a bucket!!


Well, looks like I do live my daydreams after all!


Now, if only I could do the writing thing…Hmm.

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