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The Squaw Magnet in Calgary - Pt. 1



I'm down out of the mountains and in Calgary now. Looks like I got out just in time to avoid rain up in Banff. Spotted Raven met me up there yesterday and I rode back to his place with him. He put on a hell of a feed. Barely had room for the scotch and cigars afterwards. Today, I rode down to Indian of Calgary to meet Canuck. Had him check out a few things on the bike. Lost my low beam yesterday so I needed a replacement. Had the charging system checked and discovered that the regulator was leaking voltage. That explains the low beam. It also explains why the eGuard was losing its mind last week. And, it explains why my battery was dead when I left California last week. Good thing I got it changed now. There won't be any motorcycle shops between here and Fairbanks, AK which is two weeks away. Canuck also replaced the tranny seal which was leaking and, hopefully, found the oil leak as well. The drain tube was cracked on the bottom and probably wasn't sealing completely. We'll see if there are any drops on the floor of Spotted Raven's garage in the morning. Looks like I might have a group of riders accompany me back up into the Rockies at least part way to Jasper on Saturday. Tomorrow, I'll either ride east to a dinosaur excavation site or just sleep, depending on the weather. Might be a week before I can post again, maybe from Whitehorse in the Yukon. We'll see. Gotta go. Spotted Raven's barbequeing lamp chops and I can smell them from here.


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