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The Squaw Magnet in Nevada



The following was posted by Mean Gene, who rode with me to aaron's house, as I was too hungover from the previous night's activities to log on to the forum:


Had a great trip up Hwy 50 to Aaron's, good shakedown for the repaired Squaw Magnet, and since I finally got around to installing my 2" over tubes and emulators, was a great tryout for that setup. Makes for quite a show watching Mike's "body english" through the twisties, anybody that's been up 50 to Tahoe will tell you it's not a place for errors, some places with big jagged rocks on one side, and a 200 ft. dropoff on the other. Sometimes Mike's almost in the sidecar going through right turns. Had a snack in Pollock Pines where Mike narrowly escaped from an overheated Amazon woman (6'1"). Made it into Aaron's, relaxed a while, and they fed us a great chicken dinner, then we proceded to get stink-faced. Aaron got out some of his memorabilia, and we had to have a drink to each piece, and everything in general. Coupla cigars and we were done. Funniest part was in the morning, as Aaron's son was gone for the night, and Mike slept in there. One of the boy's buddies showed up in the morning, not knowing he wasn't there, and not wanting to ring the doorbell so early, went around the side of the house and started banging on the bedroom window. He soon was confronted in the window by a 300 lb hungover grouchy bear, I bet that kid hasn't stopped running yet bsplit.gif rotfl.gif We took some easy time with much coffee, and headed out. Didn't quite get to Hwy 395, and Aaron got a flat. His favorite local shop was closed for the day, so he had to resort to a tow to the Hardley dealership for the repair, they only beat him up a little. I had planned to ride on up to Reno and then turn off back down 80 but as it was getting late, I headed back down 50. They got as far as Alturas and grabbed a motel room sleep2.gif sleep3.gif


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