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The Alaska Fiasco



I will now start reposting my offerings to this forum during the ill fated 2004 Iron Butt Tour. It was a beautiful but trouble filled ride that ended when my engine gave up the ghost. I haven't looked at these posts since they were originally made so it will be both enjoyable and painful to relive the experience. Below is the first post from the ride:


THIS IS IT!! The 2004 Iron Butt Tour starts today. 6 1/2 weeks on the road. Alaska or Bust! I look forward to meeting a number of Indian riders along the way. I'll be heading out in a couple of hours. I'll try and make reports as the opportunity warrants but, I expect internet connections may be few and far between on this ride. If all goes as planned, I'll be ending this ride in Pismo at the CCR so, hopefully, I'll see a bunch of you there. Everybody take care and I'll talk to you later.


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