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I missed my cycle!

Wind Dancer


Not THAT cycle,my motorcycle!!!

This past weekend it really hit home how far I have to go in my recovery.I watched Don take off on Saturday for a ride.I was stuck at home.Then on Sunday when he left to meet up with Hasbin for a ride back to our house I was alone again.After kcchief got here I was out on the driveway looking at the Indians when it hit me what was wrong with this picture.Mine was still in the garage,parked.I can't even throw my leg over and just sit on the poor thing.

So for an indefinite period of time all I can do is wander out to look at my little Spirit and listen to the roar of bikes going by on the road.But just like a faithful dog she waits for me to heal.Something about seeing it sitting there makes me more determined than ever to get stronger and ready to get back on and ride.I just hope it isn't too long!


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Had my post op check up on Wednesday.Everything is healing much faster than my Doctor had expected.I told him I was a strong,determined person and would be up and going fast.He was amazed that I'm so far ahead of the schedule.He said I can take my bike out for short,easy rides in two weeks and work my way up from there!

It just goes to show that setting a goal and working hard to get there can pay off.You can't keep me down!

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