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Lucky me!

Wind Dancer


How did I get so lucky to meet a guy that shares so many of the same interests as I do?Who knows but I did! I met the man of my dreams on this forum.At first I didn't quite know what to think of him.He was pretty out spoken on just about every topic that came up,he had some opinions that seemed a little skewed and he was generally one of the most arrogant,shit stirrers I'd ever seen! It seemed that every time I made a post he had to disagree or put down what I was saying.Now for a hard headed Southern woman like myself them's grounds for fightin'.So we did.Then at some point it turned into a kind of flirtation.Neither of us could stop messing with the other.After a few months of this I asked him if he was going to IRIP II.He said no way was he going halfway across the country for a bike rally.I pointed out that this wasn't just any bike rally but a gathering of the largest number of Gilroy Indians and riders anywhere.Still he said no.I finally asked him if he was just plain scared to meet me face to face.Now that got him.How could he admit to being afraid of little ol' me?He gave in and said he'd make the trip.

He headed out to Branson and we met and as they say...the rest is history! For those of you that have followed our little love story you already know it has a happy ending.After coming out to Cali for an 11 day visit he told me not to go home,to stay,and I did.He asked me to marry him and I said yes.He has supported me through a major surgery and taken care of me,helping me get back on my feet.We have been so lucky and so blessed to have found each other in such an unusual way.It sounds so strange to say we met on the internet on a website for Indian Motorcycles but if you think about it how perfect is it really?So to complete this we are sharing our wedding with all of you,our Indian family,at IRIP III this year.Don and I would consider it an honor for you to attend our wedding on Saturday May 20,2006.We want to celebrate this day with you and to share in our happiness.We hope to see you there!

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