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Tongues Question

The Last Indian Rider



We hear tons about the gift of tongues. We see "elite" preachers repeating some meaningless phrases when preaching. We hear of "evidence of tongues" at a supposed second movement of the Holy Spirit.




So just what is tongues in the Bible?



I don't hear tons about the gift of tongues. Probably because it is prevalent among those I am closest too. I would like every one of you to speak in tongues. (1 Cor 14:5)


If you don't it doesn't affect my love for you. Not everyone does, although I would that every Christian did.


The apostle Paul addressed a problem in the Corinthian church, which does not mean every church had the problem. It does not in any way insinuate that the gift of tongues was a problem in the other church's nor does his letter mean other churches did not speak in tongues.


I hesitate to share anything personal regarding this gift. Seeing the view of most members of this board. It seems to be more of an issue with you than with me. I feel the posted question is aimed at me due to the fact I have made it plain I speak in an unknown tongue. I really don't think I am qualified to respond to the question of what tongues are biblically, only because it never occurred to me that someone would doubt the validity of the gift. I do think I am qualified however to respond to questions experientially due to the fact I have 33 years experience with the gift of tongues. Do I have all the answers? No. Will I give you my best? Yes. Will it satisfy you? Probably not.




As far as you're statement, "elite" preachers repeating some meaningless phrases when preaching.


I have no idea what you are referring to.




We hear of "evidence of tongues" at a supposed second movement of the Holy Spirit.




I would think that the best course of action would be to quit focusing on tongues and focus on a deeper walk, a closer relationship with the Lord.


When you receive Christ as your Savior; you have all of him you will ever get or ever need. As you walk and surrender to him, he will get more of you! Perhaps one day he will get your tongue! When he does you will understand.


Until then, follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts. Don't get hung up on the mistakes of others but seek to help others as you grow.




As far as every person having "a gift"? Well I don't know about that?


What I am sure of is that we as Christians have the giver of gifts living in us.


He will operate those gifts as he wills and as he finds a yielded a vessel to work through.




Now just a small testimony.


My friend John was at a diner with some friends after church and as the food arrived it fell to John to say grace over the food.


He said a few words then began speaking in tongues, nothing un-normal for him. When he finished the prayer someone from another table came over and asked, "Do you know what you were saying?" The person begins to tell, that John was praising God in the most wonderful way in that persons own language.


If that person had not come forward, John would have been giving thanks to God well enough, but no one would have known and life would have gone on uneventfully. John wasn't trying to impress anyone. He was just praying a prayer. Not an elaborate prayer or a long prayer. Just a simple prayer for food before they ate.




Oh shot ta ta ba tae tae,




Arthur, TLIR





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