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When you find yourself all muddy

The Last Indian Rider



Just because you fall into a mud puddle with pigs does not make you a pig. Even if the pigs seem to accept you.


You are a child of God! The righteousness of God in Christ. When all of heaven looks at you it is not your filthy rags (our good or bad works) they see. It is his righteousness that is seen. All heaven sees his wonderful, awful, work of salvation; so that we are the righteousness of God in him. His works are displayed to show that he is a righteous judge, a righteous God, a good father. You glorify God not because of what you do but because of what he did in you.


Because of things like this we reach toward the goal of becoming more like him.


(John 3:17 NIV) For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.


God does not condemn you! If you feel condemned it is the accuser condemning you. Leaving you feeling hopeless and depressed. That is not the Holy Spirit! He is your comforter, your helper, and your standby. Shake off that old serpent, the accuser.


The Holy Spirit will convict you, help you, forgive you, restore you, lift you and show you a way out.


So get up out of the mud, those pigs are not your friends. You may have broken fellowship but all is not lost. Let the clear, clean water of the Spirit of God cleanse you and restore your fellowship, you never lose your relationship standing you are still his child. So continue your journey to the Fathers house. Also don't go alone, take someone with you. You will find the journey safer and more fun with some family members.




Be a zoner not a loner,




Arthur, TLIR



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