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What are they thinking? Hell, what am I thinking?



Sheetrockers up on scaffolds closing in the stairtowers right alongside a big atrium space. 100 plus feet to the concrete deck and these mindless pinheads screwing tin flashing strips in between metal studs and hanging 20 foot long pickboards out on them to dance around on.


If I could stand the hit to my insurance modifier, I would just turn away.


Today, another sheetrocket scientist hung his fall arrest device off a beam, even using a beam strap. He then hooked it to his lanyard, stepped out of the scaffold and climbed up until he ran out of leash. Had he fallen then, he would have had a quick 31 foot fall and the stop would have been a riot to watch, even though the cleanup would have been messy.


I babysit. Pretty good wage for babysitting. But I don't do diapers. If they shit themselves they will just have to deal with it.


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