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The greatest miracle I ever saw!

The Last Indian Rider


The greatest miracle I ever saw!


One day John and I (a new Christian) were in our work truck waiting for quitting time to head in.


John had been a drug addict and that is another miracle he could share more fully with you.


Any way we were sharing a few scriptures (doing a few lines of scripture) with one another when some one came walking by my side of the truck. I role down the window and with a loud voice say


"I have some good news for you!"


He asks? What's that?


I say, "God loves you!"


He says. I've heard that!


Well John and I continue sharing with one another when some one else comes walking on Johns side of the truck. He says in a loud a voice to that person. "I have some good news for you!"


The guy says what's that?


John says, "God loves you."


He says, I've heard that!


Well unbeknown to John and I, there was a guy digging through a dumpster who walked up to Johns side of the truck and says. "That is exactly what I needed to hear."


Well John invites the guy right in to the truck, to set right between us!


Now there we are, this smelly guy setting between me and John and we are sharing scripture with him.


His name is Carey.


He says, (as we are reading to him) can I see your bible?


Well I tell you, Carey took that bible and started thumbing through it as if he had been very acquainted with it. He was. We found out he was a pastor from New York City. Wow!


We took him back to our show up. Bought him a motel room for the weekend and took him to church Friday night, then John spent Saturday with him and then we picked him up and took him to church Sunday. Well come to find out he knew our pastor. After church Sunday John took him back to the half way house he had been staying at and we didn't hear from him again.


About six months later during my prayer time I ask God, Lord how is Carey doing?


A few days later I am in a diner having breakfast when an EMT vehicle pulls up out front.


I keep eating.


Some guy walks in and speaks with the waitress for a few minutes then he starts walking towards my table.


I keep eating.


Well he walks right up to me, extends his hand and I still don't know who this guy is.


Then he smiles that unmistakable smile.


It was Carey!


Come to find out, that was his daughter who was the waitress, I had no idea!


Also he had all kinds of degrees, he had been a professor at a college in the city and had no trouble getting a job with the EMT service. (Emergency Medical technician)


Well I didn't see Carey again for several months. But in prayer I happen to mention his name and ask my Father, "how is Carey doing?"


Well a few days late, who pulls up in the church parking lot? Carey!


He has a beautiful lady clinging to his arm. They are engaged, she is the manager of a radio station in Montauk!


Well, wow what a change!


What a difference a, God loves you can make in someone's day.


Tell some one today, God loves you!


You never know where it can lead.


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