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I Miss The Tribe!!!




blog-0128159001373647159.jpgI am looking at heading down to Branson in 2014, is the Indian Day still rocking or have I been out of the loop too long.... Engaged to an authentic aboriginal indian who loves the motorcycles as well. She is looking forward to meeting all the tribe and wants to party!! All that remember love or hate me please educate me. Where is the Indian action going on now in the great country of U.S.A.


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Hey Grease....glad to see you are alive as was not sure if your trip to THE BARN scared you away. IRIP is still a happening event every May.....and we also have the 7th Annual Ride to the Barn going this year on 2-6 October. Even have an Aussie girl singing two nights (Kristy Lee Akers). Hope to see you again soon...

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"When is the next meeting at the
Barn.... Please someone communicate ..... Ride because its living!

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