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The Squaw Magnet is Back in the Barn



QUOTE(GarlicIndian @ Oct 23 2006, 08:50 PM)


Sorry I missed you Sunday AM Mplate... I decided to make it a day of riding rather than cruise the same 'ol road I rode in on less than 12 hrs before... Glad your travels from Laughlin back home were safe and I look forward to sharing more time talking with you in the future.!!


ps. right after you left for camp Saturday night, everyone started to appear from the wedding dinner where it moved to their Biker Games.. sorry you missed the fun.!


Take Care, Dan


Not a problem, Dan. You had a long ride ahead of you and I would have only slowed you down. We'll have other opportunities to ride togther.


It was good meeting you, John. I can give you the curves I have but they are specific to the S&S. The PP curves are posted around here somewhere. I think they're on Homer's site, as well. I'll send you a link if I track them down. Saw Ed at the gas station on Sunday just before I left. I reminded him to make sure he had 40 PSI in that rear tire you smoothed out for him. Hope it holds up for the ride back to KC.


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