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The Squaw Magnet in New Mexico



Well, I made it all the way from the east side of Gallup to the west side. It was like the twilight zone out there today. As soon as I opened the door to exit my motel, the wind blew me over. Granted, I was off balance and it took me by surprise but it actually blew me over. So, I take a look around to survey the situation and I notice a big rig pulled over on I-40. It's carrying about a half dozen of those giant spools that are used to transport long lengths of cable. These spools are empty but the wind has snapped one of the wire cables that is holding them on the truck bed. What a disaster that would have been if those spools were to fall off the truck at freeway speeds. Plan A, I decide to head over to the restaurant and have breakfast to see if things will improve over time. They don't. Plan B, stay off I-40 and head down Route 66 from the east side of town to the west side to see how bad things really are. They are bad. As I pass a pickup truck carrying panes of glass, one of the panes shatters from the wind. Luckily, I'm passing the truck on the upwind side so I don't get sprayed. Then, a passenger car nearly rams right into me in an attempt to avoid a massive tumbleweed that's in the driver's way. All this is happening on a city street at 45 mph. I can imagine what it must be like on I-40. Plan C, stop on the west side of town and have a couple of cups of coffee to see if things change. They do. The wind stays the same but the clouds change from white to black. Plan D, get a room. It starts raining just as I get to the motel. I think Plan D was the right choice. I'll try again to make it to Flagstaff tomorrow.


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