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The Squaw Magnet in Tennessee



I'm at the Opryland KOA, just down the street from the Grand Ole Opry which I will be attending tonight. Got lucky and got the last ticket available when I checked into the KOA this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'll take a Grayline bus tour of the city before deciding how to spend Saturday afternoon and evening. Yesterday was a surprise as I woke up to rain. The forcast had been for PM showers which also occurred. Took a tour of the Maker's Mark distillery and was quite impressed. Damn near everything is done right there on site. They even still hand dip the bottles in their signature red wax. I bought a bottle which they let you dip in wax but I doubt I'll ever drink it. It's a memento of the experience. But, I will be buying a bottle for drinking sometime very soon. It was wet and very windy on Green River Lake where I camped out last night but the rain finally stopped and the wind dried everything up by the time I took off this morning. It's sunny now but considerably cooler than it has been. I will take off for Memphis on Sunday by way of the Natchez Trace. Then two days of soaking at Hot Springs, AK before hitting the road for home. I've been on the road a month now but I still felt somber when I took a right turn in Columbia, KY this morning and, for the first time, started heading west on this ride. I've got about two more weeks to go and I'm sure I'll be ready for my own bed by then but, for the moment, I'm feeling good and wish that I could just keep on riding until I run out of road. That's all for now. Talk to you later.


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