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The Squaw Magnet in Kentucky



QUOTE(Vintage62 @ Oct 4 2006, 02:03 PM)

OK, looks like you are either on or close on the original schedule you posted. That means next Wednesday you're traveling from Hot Springs to OKC. Right now, it looks favorable for me to take off that day. I would just need to know when you are leaving the Springs. Y City is just about the same distance from there as from the Fort. Let me know if that will work out and we can get the details down.






At the moment, I'm right on schedule so, you are correct, I would be leaving Hot Springs next Wednesday. I usually leave somewhere around 10AM. My mapping software shows Y City to be about 70 miles from Hot Springs. It looks like a fairly slow road so I'm guessing maybe an hour and a half to get to Y City which would put it around 11:30AM. How's that work for you? I'm assuming there's a gas station at the intersection of 270 and 71 where we can meet. Hope you can make it. I doubt my cell phone will work there but I can PM you if you want it.


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