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The Squaw Magnet in Illinois




I'm typing this from my campsite at the Rock Island KOA where I have both an electrical hookup and WiFi in my tent. It's fun to see how many more places every year are going wireless. In fact, I saw something yesterday that I haven't seen before. A roadside rest area with WiFi. Good for you Iowa. Iowa is, in fact, where I spent last night. No internet access in the little town of Boone, IA or the state park south of there so I had to wait until I got here to post. Rode out to Boone from Fountain City, WI so I could take a ride on the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad. Place was packed. I tried a month ago to get a reservation on their dinner train and couldn't so I had to settle for there 4PM ride. These guys wanted a steam engine so bad that, about 15 years ago, they bought one from the last remaining manufacturer of steam engines on earth somewhere in China. Cute little engine but the Chinese writing on the coal car looks weird. Anyway, I had more rain to contend with in Minnesota but as soon as I crossed the border into Iowa, the skies cleared. It was sunny and 80 there yesterday so I got to camp out for the first time in over two weeks. Today was sunny and 87 all the way across central Iowa. Damn, it felt good. It's supposed to get up to 88 here tomorrow but the forcast calls for scatttered thunderstorms. My destination for tomorrow is Elsberry, MO where it's supposed to be sunny and 91. Tuesday's destination is Paducah, KY so Wednesday I'll be stopping at the Moonlite BBQ for lunch. Heads up to all you guys that said you wanted to meet up there. The bike's running well and, knock on wood, I'm right on schedule. Injun Pete, I got your PM and will give you a call when I get to Paducah. Looking forward to meeting up with you. That's it for now. Talk to you later.



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