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The Squaw Magnet in Minnesota



QUOTE(harleynot @ Sep 29 2006, 03:12 PM)


#1 How can you type so well @ 2:32 am. ? I left you with some pretty serious Jag Bomb goggles on 30 minutes earlier.

#2 What happened to the Librarian ?

#3 I'm still drunk

#4 I've got lots of Squaw Magnet pics to load up after my headache goes away.....


HARLEYNOT...........or ever again......






1. I felt better at 2:30 AM than I did today at 2:30 PM.


2. Tara blew me off for a homeless guy (ask zit).


3. I seriously thought about paying for another day at the motel just so I could get a few more hours sleep.


4. Got a few pictures myself but they'll probably have to wait until I get back home to post them.




How's Ms. Harleynot feeling? Thanks again for everything you guys did for me while I was in your stomping grounds. Hope I can return the favor someday.


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