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The Squaw Magnet in North Dakota



Made it to Fargo. The weather was actually best in Bismarck this morning as the sun was doing a reasonable job of peeking out from behind the clouds. Once I got ten miles out of town, the sky closed up and I never saw the sun the rest of the day. Wind was a mild tail-cross which is pretty much a wash for the Squaw Magnet so it wasn't much of a factor. But it was definitely cold. I stopped for lunch in Jamestown. Pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and, as usual, all eyes are on the bike. Then, because my fingers are so numb, I preceed to look like a dufus because I can't feel the rings on my helmet to loosen the strap. If I'd have been watching me I'd have been laughing my ass off. I have warmer gloves than the ones I was wearing but I really don't like using them because they're not only very stiff, but you can't feel anything through them either. Makes it very hard to judge brake pressure. Talked about the weather with the guy I sat next to in the restaurant. He's a long time local and even he's stunned by how fast things changed around here. An average high for this time of year is 70. The temperature went from a high of 90 to a high of 50 in one day. Evenings are dropping below freezing and there are frost warnings being issued but the wind has blown most of the road water away so I didn't encounter any ice. I did have to jump start the bike this morning even though the stator plug has been disconnected so, perhaps, I have an additional voltage bleed somewhere. Or, I guess it's possible that 4 days of freezing cold and a flywheel that's 5 pounds heavier than stock was just too much for the battery. I need to check the latest weather forcasts. Last I checked, it's supposed to be about the same tomorrow then go back to raining until the weekend so I might try to make it to Minneapolis tomorrow rather than continue to be stuck in North Dakota. Talk to you later.


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