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The Squaw Magnet in North Dakota



Still wet, cold and windy today but not as bad as yesterday. The rain has stopped for now and the wind is drying things out as it slowly dies down. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry with little wind and a high of 50 but it's the best weather that's forcast all week for Bismarck. If it looks OK in the morning, I'll try and make it to Fargo. Hope the bike starts after sitting in the cold rain for 4 nights. I unplugged the voltage regulator from the stator because it was draining the battery so the plug's probably full of rain water now. Snogoer, I got your PM and left you a voice message. Crash, thanks. Haven't been to upstate NY since 2003. Beautiful country up there. I was there in 2001 as well. Smoked my first Indian Tabac cigar in Rochester. I'll be back.


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