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The Squaw Magnet in North Dakota



Well, there was a cold rain falling when I woke up this morning so I called the front desk, booked another night and went back to sleep. It actually doesn't look that bad outside right now but there are supposed to be strong storms in Fargo which would be my next stop. In addition to rain and snow, they've added hurricane force wind gusts to tomorrow's forcast. The sudden change in weather has been amazing. It's snowing in Miles City, MT which is the city I left yesterday. It was in the mid-70's then. It's snowing in Red Lodge, MT where I was quaffing the local ale in the mid-80's two days ago. It's now 30 in West Yellowstone. It was 90 when I was there on Monday. I just called my Boundary Waters outfitter and cancelled. So, now, I have over a week and a half to get to Minneapolis which is a two day ride from here. Looks like I should be able to get out of here on Monday although I might wait until Tuesday as this weather system is supposed to be slowly migrating east and I don't want to run into it again. Maldev, I found a good cigar shop in town when I was here last year but thanks anyway. There are a number of good restaurants within walking distance of my motel. All I need to find now is a movie complex.


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