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The Squaw Magnet in Idaho



Gotta make this fast. I'm at an Internet Cafe' in West Yellowstone which is, techincally Wyoming. They're charing a buck a minute so I'm typing fast and not checking spelling. Weather, for the most part, has been great. The bike, also for the most part, has run great. The exception is that damned ignition cutout is back. It started in Boise and has occurred about a half dozen time a day since. If it doesn't get any worse, I can finish the ride like this. If it does, I hope it fails completely so I can finally find out what's causing the problem. Took a ride on the Thunder Mountain Railroad outside of Boise on Saturday. Nice change of pace. After the train ride, I took the bike up into the mountains for 40 miles on a dirt forest service road. I could see rain in the offing and, when I started smelling water in the air, I got really nervous that I was going to be stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere. Made it to Idaho City, however, without incident. I was informed there that it had hailed over the pass which caused me to abandon my plans for the next day to continue on dirt roads. Another beautiful day, yesterday, took me over Gormin Pass, about 8200 feet where I got a really nice shot of the Salmon River Valley. I was bummed, however, to find that Easley Hot Springs was closed. Spent the night at a campground about 15 miles outside Sun Valley. Continued, this morning, my trek along dirt roads when I did another 40 miles from there. Gorgeous views. Then US-93 down to US-20 which took me to West Yellowstone. I'll be taking it slow tomorrow as I want to spend time in the park. Then another slow day as I take a ride on my favorite scenic highway in the US, the Beartooth Highway. I expect internet access to continue to be spotty but I'll post whne I can. Take care and I'll talk to you later.


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