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The Squaw Magnet in Nevada



I'm posting this from Winnemucca, NV. Got my usual late start yesterday ( I always seem to forget to tell the post office to hold my mail until the last minute) and rode up to San Leandro to meet up with my buddy, Bob. Bob was the guy who first told me that Indians were being made again as he knew I was a big Indian fan. He was even with me at the Santa Cruz dealership when I first saw the Squaw Magnet. Circumstances did not allow him to purchase a Chief at the time but he's always wanted one. A couple of months ago, he finally got one, a yellow and creme 2000 Chief with brown seat and bags. Nice looking bike. So, almost 6 years after I got mine, we finally got a chance to ride Indians together. He was going as far as Auburn as he's got a girlfiend there. Only about a 120 mile ride but it took about 4 hours. The bikes ran great but Bob insisted we stop at every bar along the way where there was a women tending bar that he wanted to impress. We also stopped at Indian of Citrus Heights. I hadn't been there in maybe 3 years. They still had their Indian sign on the door and were excited about the prospect of Stellican making bikes. When Bob was done trying to impress the saleswoman, we rode up to Auburn where we said our goodbyes. Didn't make it to Reno until around 6:30 PM. Weather was beautiful. High 80's in the valley, probably low 70's over Donner Pass. It was good seeing aaron again. I didn't go through his neck of the woods on last summer's ride but, other than that, aaron's ridden with me across Nevada ever since he got his bike in 2002. He wanted to ride to dinner so aaron put his girlfriend on the back of his bike and I put her 6 year old daughter in the sidecar. Funny thing about sidecars, kids and dogs love to ride in them but women scream. This morning, aaron's brother allan showed up on his Royal Enfield. He hates when I say this but it's a really cute bike. 500cc engine which matched it, speedwise, almost perfectly with my bike. Another beautiful day for the ride to Winnemucca which was only about 170 miles from Reno. I like to keep the mileage on my rides down for the first couple of days as that's when I'm most likely to encounter problems and I like to have extra time to work on them should they occur. As it was, the bike ran great again and aaron, allan and I played tag half way across Nevada. We stopped for lunch at a little place called Rye Patch and the woman tending bar there recommended that we have dinner at the Winnemucca Hotel. It was a good recommendation. One of the things I'm trying to do on this ride is stop at as many historic saloons as I can and the Winemucca Hotel had a bar dating back to the 1860's. They also served an excellent, all you can eat, authentic Basque meal for $15. Soup, salad, bread, a half dozen side dishes, all the wine you can drink and stacks of huge steaks. Damn good stuff. We then headed over to a biker bar called the Mineshaft. The natives were very friendly. Even got flashed once by a tall brunette named Roberta. Wish I'd had my camera with me. I smoked my daily cigar, had a tall Sierra Nevada and then we rode to the nearest gas station to fill up for tomorrow's ride. aaron and allan are taking the long way back to Reno by heading east on I-80 another 50 miles to Battle Mountain then south to US 50. All in all, it will be over 300 miles before they get back home. I will head north, across the desert of eastern Oregon before ending up in Boise, ID about 260 miles from Winnemucca. Tonight will be the last motel I stay in for about a week so I don't know when I'll be able to post again but, as usual, I will try to if I can. From Boise, I'll be heading over the Rockies on forest service roads until I get to Sun Valley. Pretty modern town so I should be able to find internet access there before heading back up into the mountains to spend the night at Easley Hot Springs. We'll see how it goes. aaron took a few pictures that he said he would post in this thread when he gets back home. Thanks again for the hospitality aaron. It's always good seeing you and I enjoyed meeting your brother. Next stop Idaho.


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