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Me thinks the board has gone nuts! WTF is going on??!! Chaos is abound...


1st it appears that people are assuming and not communicating. If ya gots a problem with a friend, pick up the phone and call to straighten it out, don't stew on it and make it grow into something worse, fix it right away. If one is relying on the word of others or their own thoughts and jumping to conclusions and making rash decisions and calling friendships over, you have to think, was the friendship there to begin with? why not pick up the phone and say WTF and ask for clarification or answer emails or PM's instead of assuming crap.


2nd if someone tells you they were joking, then they were joking...lighten up. iffin you don't like the joke, tell your friend you don't appreciate the joke, but accept that it was a joke to begin with. High school is over, grow up.


3rd if there is no club, then there can't really be any officers of it, can there? That's what makes it a joke no disrespect to anyone, it's a joke. If you are offended, call to find out what's up, answer your email or PM's. Why ruin a friendship over your unwillingness to communicate, or by assuming, or by listening to someone other than the friend?


4th iffin ya tell me something and you ask me to help you, then ya forget that you wanted to do something else, then just say you forgot there was a conflict of time. Plain and simple. So iffin I proceed with helping you before you realize the conflict, pick up the phone and say oops, forgot about the other thing. It really is that simple, don't make it into anything it's not.


of course, if you aren't or never were my friend, then all is good. if you only claimed to be my friend to get something from me or use me, then you never were. If you can't call and clarify and talk, we never were friends.




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