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The math is simple



I bet Rock would stop and help me busted down on the side of the road.


Don and WD would too no doubt.


Ed, shit. I already ended up calling Ed one time when I pitched a chain but it’s not like I needed proof of his friendship.


Robert and Mike wouldn’t blow by a busted down bike if they wuz on the way to a heart attack either, I imagine.



Maybe I am part of the problem. Might be that the less we diverge from our shared passions, the longer we stay cohesive. That’s a tough nut for me. After three years around here I run out of clever repartee treading the same old paths. I get a kick out of needling people in fun and making light of some of the silly shit.



None of that means that I don’t have an abiding respect for the men and women that are keeping the breed alive. Gilroy officially dies a little every time somebody disappears for whatever reason. It gets life back when new blood shows up, but the new blood in doesn’t equal the old blood gone.



Hey it’s only a fucking web board after all.


Like hell it is. There’s more to this than some quilting bee.


Honest to god, when we get done communicating, there’s going to be a cost.



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Hey POP.

Cheer up.

There are always other places and other faces.

Damn--I've been on the road so long I don't even know where home is anymore.


Stopping and helping out a rider with problems?

I'm thinking there aren't too many on here who wouldn't.

But--folks are different.

Some folks do it to follow a code.

Some folks do it to have a little leverage later on.

And some folks only tell the parts of the story that benefit themselves or make themselves look good.


You'll probably never hear about some of the things I get up to trying to help folks out or make them feel better.

That's not the reason I do it.

I don't care if other folks find out about it or not.

Actually I prefer it when the word doesn't get out.

Doesn't fit the image I want out there when people hear my name.


New Blood?

Hell the old blood is always going to be around.

You just have to go looking for them.

I'll agree it's sad to see old friends breaking up and heading on.

But--it's always good to meet up with them again when you get them tracked down.


I got to agree with you on the communication thing though.

That's a hell of a big problem with me.

My idea of communication is say what you feel--and stay there with it.

It's OK to change your mind if someone proves you have been wrong.

But when they do prove it?

Man up and admit you were wrong--don't try excuses and bullshit.

Seems there are some on here who have a hard time with that.


I'll tell you one thing.

This is a friend you aren't losing anytime soon.

Hell--you better be planning Branson out next year.

Don't think I can't ride North and East for a change.

That damn MisChief and junior are always telling me to turn left just to fuck with me when I'm out riding.

And if my calculations are right--left of where I live, I'd eventually end up in the woods out your way somewhere.


I was kind of worried about your somber mood there for a minute.


Then the old POP wisdom pops!?!? back up in your last line, and I know the old wise one is still on his game.


Yep--there will be a price to pay when we stop communicating.

Hell the debt is being called in right now.

Some folks just have to realize that commnication has to be a 2 way street.

If it's honest and open -- cool!--If it doesn't allow an opinion contrary to popular?

Well shit starts to happen.

And seems like once it gets to rolling it's hard as hell to get it stopped.

It just rolls and rolls and rolls until it ends up where it needs to be.

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