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Lover of Dogs and Biker Chicks...........

Indian Lover


For those of you who have had to listen to Clan Chief complain that I returned to the work force, I want to share this little story. Yes, a month ago, I did return to work. I am sure Rob was thrilled to know he would have a financial break from me.......until the hours took a toll on quality time.....(And those who ride with us, KNOW how we enjoy our quality time)! Well, anyways.....Rob has been babysitting my young dog, Rusty.. Affectionately called the LIttle %*$## , or Pain in the ASS.

I had not seen Rob in 8 days, my dog was at his farm, but I couldn't get away from work to visit....There was some pouting.......and the dog missed me too. LOL. I kept getting these calls to make plans for riding the bike... Two major rides are in the immediate future, and I have a new demanding job, which I hated....so I did what any dedicated biker chick would do........I QUIT! ON my one month anniversary......I do hope you guys can keep up, cause I am telling two different stories here... I was feeling all great about the decision, getting dressed to see Rob at the farm.....and to pick up my dog, when I get a call saying Rusty has gone missing. For a second, I really thought it was just a story designed to get me to Rob's sooner. But unfortunately, it was no joke. My dog, dissappeared while Rob was tedding the hay. I was heart broken, especially since I am sure Rusty thought I had abandoned him. After working at the office, tedding hay, and doing some lawn work......Rob drove around til well after 1:00 AM to help find my dog. Then, he comforted my hysterical little naked ass, while I cried all night. AND remained a gentleman, just comforting me until daybreak allowed us the opportunity to search again. Well, after a short morning search, I drove to the local vet clinic......where, while waiting for someone to help me.......I look out over the great vantage point I had, and see my terrified dog, running, hair in the wind....straight for the very busy fourlane highway........I called Clan Chief, and we, together rescued Rusty! After a scary 12 hour adventure, I am sure he will not run off again. And I must say I did thank Rob.....accordingly.......but I just had to tell you guys........he is sooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!! I am sure he will love that I mentioned it in my little blog!

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