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A New Chapter

Wind Dancer


There are chapters in everyone's life.I've had a few in mine.Lately I have had to write some new ones.Moving to Cali,getting married and now moving to Mississippi.

There were a few people that couldn't believe Don and I would move to the South.Some said it would be a culture shock.Well for a little Okie gal that never lived outside the NE OK area code before,Cali was the culture shock!Everything from the landscape to the weather was totally different to me.The year I spent there was a great experience.I made some truly great friends,some I consider family now.Leaving them was one of the hardest things I've done.

There were people that said living in Yazoo City would be a nightmare.The weather and people here would be hard to get used to.Well,the weather is basically the same as where I was in Okie and the little town is really small but bigger than where I was from.I love the hot weather.I can go indoors if it gets too hot for me or just go for a ride down one of the beautiful tree lined roads in the area.The road to our farmhouse is a nice curvy,treed country road.The treetops arch out over the road and it feels like you're riding through a green tunnel at times.So far the folks we've met have been really cool.We met a man and his daughter one day while out riding by Wolf Lake.He stopped to introduce himself and invited us down to his place on the lake for a cold drink and a boat ride.Turns out he rides a Harley,but we won't hold that against him!

Don and I have discovered that sitting out on the porch swing at night listening to the cicadas and frogs is a nice way to spend an evening.We have a little goldfish pond that we sit by and listen to the sound of the water trickling while watching the fish dart around and it's very relaxing.The sun setting over the Delta is awesome.Some of the best food anywhere is here.

We are loving this new chapter in our lives.Finding new places and making new friends,spending time together enjoying each day.Yeah,I can say it's been a culture shock....definitely in a good way!


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