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Virgin Post.....

Indian Lover


This is INDIAN LOVER, that of Clan Chief, to be specific! I feel a bit intimidated posting for the very first time on your forum. But, as with many of my first time experiences, I am being pressured to go all the way!!!! So, I won't let the fact that I don't even own a motorcycle keep me from joining in the fun. I did have the pleasure of meeting many of you in Branson. Clan Chief and I had a great time. I loved meeting Airwolf,(WHAT a SWEETHEART)!!! And recently I was initiated into the Blue Ridge Tribe, during an overnight ride on the Blue Ridge. What a great group of people, PETE, (GOTTA love Pete!), Tony, Mike (My table dancing hula hooping friend) and George. OOPS! SEE? Already I have violated your secret Indian names code. I will try to conform....always a difficult task for me. Please overlook my lack of forum etiquette until I learn the ropes. Any and all advice will be appreciated! Rob, Clan Chief, has given me a guide: 1- Do NOT Discuss Politics, 2- Please do NOT share your view on Religion, 3- Do NOT engage others in debate over Gay marriage and or rights to marry, ( Tony and Darren, sorry but I didn't realize I was restricted. ) Well, you get the big picture, no wonder I am nervous about this first post! Also, please excuse the nakedness of my AVATAR, I thought it was an ASSATAR, and before I realized the error, I once again was showing my ass!


Indian Lover


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wowie wowie....Clan Chief you devil...I mean, I suspected she was gonna be good but wowie...don't let my wife see her picture!

best regards to all Indian Joe in Santa Barbara, California

aka CentChiefLE91 aka EZ1

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It is an ASSATAR--this week anyway.

Next week we change over to BOOBATARS.

Yepp--you're fitting right in.

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